"Capitalism inevitably brings many bad things. Communism, by being contrary, looks to disappear them."

– Ex-Agt. Alex, now being communist.

Agent Alex was basically a pookie hater member of the Pookie Hater Defense. But he is more precisely described by the Pookie Protection Program as a pookie abuser, prep hater, non-member annoyer, fam fam hunter, abortionist of mumus pregnant of pookies and couplebreaker in Club Penguin He became communist and abandoned all the Pookie hater activity in June 2014 as was against his new ideals. He used to disguise as a rich woman to pick pookies and later hurt them. But later, by becoming communist, he renounced to all luxury and became against bourgeoisie. He would sometimes kill the pookies, but he generally let them go traumatized. He also often went to the Pet Shop and hurt pookies and uppies there causing some trouble and disorder. He was part of the Pookie Hater Defense and is one of the most scandalous pookie haters in Club Penguin. But he was also a prep hater and couplebreaker. He had a master strategy that he used to break a couple which consisted in going to them and start annoying, so that the couple goes to another place but he follows them and keeps on that, so that later one of the members of the couple realizes that he will keep annoying as long as they're together and he/she leaves its partner. He was also a fam fam hunter and used his strategy to break couples as well as to break fam fams. Sometimes, the PPP said he's the weakest of the threats only to annoy him just because they were very angry at him because of how he is and what he does. But he didn't get annoyed by that and stated that 'it would annoy me if I were silly and a kid'. He also stated that if they really consider him as the lowest threat being like that, then it's very stupid from the PPP.

Why does he hates pookies?

He sees them a plague because they go to be picked at the Pet Shop which is meant to buy puffles. He states that 'it´s name says it: PET means that it's for pets, and SHOP means that they are to be bought'. He also sees them as a plague because of their personality: selfish, thinking that they deserve everything, picky to how their mumus, dadas, wistas, bwoders, uppies and kitties are, sexist, think mostly on themselves, and fight because everyone thinks is the cutest.

Description in the PPP's enemy list

Agent Alex - Pookie Abuser, applies psychological abuse to pookies as well as physical, pookie kidnapper, pookie killer, pookie traumatizer, knows a lot about pookie psychology and applies his knowledge against them, makes fun of pookies in a cruel way, prep hater, friends with the PPP (Puffle Protection Program), active PHD agent, aborts pregnancies of pookie's, couplebreaker, non.member annoyer, pookie protector offender. Number 1000 (AKA lowest or minor threat) on the Enemy List.

How much does he hates pookies?

Here are a couple of anecdotes that show how much he hates pookies:

On April 16, 2014, he kidnapped a boy pookie. Then he took his clothes off, grabbed scissors and cut his hair, penis, balls and his right eye off. Then he left him go with out clothes, hair, penis, balls and right eye.

That same day he went to the Pet Shop, went to a girl pookie and started yelling at her "ORPHAN!!!". Later her mumu came and they went home but he went there too and continued. The pookie said "Mwe is not orphan. Mwe has a mumu!" and he said "But she is not your biological mother! So you're an orphan!". He also said "Where are your real parents now?!" and "I still have my parents!", "Poor orphan!", "Gives coins to orphan", "Makes fun of orphan", "Points at orphan and says orphan!!!", "You have a very bad luck!". She was crying A LOT and the mumu didn't know what to do. She tried to comfort her but she couldn't because Alex didn't stop. Then she grew up but Alex said "Orphan is always orphan! Doesn't matter the age!", "You still orphan!". She run away from him through all Club Penguin but he kept following her and the mumu was following her as well to don't loose her but at one point, they lost each other. Alex continued on that until she disappeared.

Investigations on pookie intelligence

Someone's intelligence is measured by a measurement unit called intelligence quotient or simply IQ. The IQ of a normal person goes around from 100 to 110. His researches about pookies' IQ gave conclusions about pookies who are aged from 1 to 3 have an IQ of 10 to 30, pookies from 4 to 6 have an IQ of 30 to 50, pookies from 7 to 9 have one of 50 to 70. Then he also searched about preps. Preps from 13 to 15 have an IQ of 80 to 90 and preps from 16 to 19 have an IQ of 90 to 95. Then he has also made researches about mumus and dadas and uppies and kitties. The IQ of mumus and dadas goes from 95 to 100 and the ones of uppies and kitties goes from 1 to 5. He recognizes that uppies and kitties are much smarter than normal dogs and cats as they always know what is happening. He has an IQ of 111. He is well known of using his knowledge about pookie psychology against them.

  • Pookies aged 1 to 3 years: 10 - 30
  • Pookies aged 4 to 6 years: 30 - 50
  • Pookies aged 7 to 9 years: 50 - 70
  • Preps aged 13 to 15 years: 80 - 90
  • Preps aged 16 to 19 years: 90 - 95
  • Mumus and dadas: 95 - 100
  • Uppies and kitties: 1 - 5
  • Agent Alex: 111


  • "Sucks to be pookie".
  • "I pick you! It's a joke, I don't pick you".
  • "There are two types of babies on Club Penguin, the normal ones and the pookies, which are the ones whose mumus were cursed by the demons during their pregnancy".
  • "The seriousness when killing a pookie is less than the seriousness when killing an ant".
  • "Pookies lost since the very beginning".
  • "Pookies are my toys, I do with them whatever I want".
  • "I can forgive if I want, but I do never forget".
  • "What does PH mean? Puffle Handler and Pookie Hater!".
  • "Moderators are cheaters, they have the 25+ month membership sign on their player card despite not all of them have been members for 25 months or more".
  • "I don't care if I'm banned forever. I come back with a new penguin and by that way, I'm defying the system".
  • "I don't care about the TRUE things the PPP says about me such as 'total jerk', 'the weakest of the threats' and that TRUE story they invented about me, all of that because of the anger they have to me. I don't care about all of that because they can do and say anything but I'm always still on activity around the island". (This one has been dismissed by most of the haters and most of the protectors)
  • "Blu Bell is a hypocrite. She says 'We are the pookie protest' meaning that the PHD only does protests and no abuse. However, the definite of the PHD is 'an agency that kills pookies'. Where's the sense?".
  • "I know that a normal kid is smarter than a pookie, that a normal teen is smarter than a prep, that a normal man is smarter than a dada and that a normal woman is smarter than a mumu, but I don't understand how is an uppie very much smarter than a normal dog. They always know what's happening!".


  • He never cries.
  • He fears nothing.
  • He never gives up.
  • He always gets what he wants.
  • He is Peruvian so he will sometimes have the Peruvian flag pin in his playercard.
  • His native language is Spanish. He also speaks English and French.
  • He is the oldest PHD agent in age for he was born in late 1998.
  • He is vengeful.
  • He is very violent when in a fight.
  • When he picks a pookie, sometimes he will give it no food and after several days he will make it eat its poop and drink its pee or just leave them to starve until death.
  • He will sometimes be nice at his pookie for some time and when the pookie trusts him he turns against it.
  • If he picks a boy pookie, he will take its clothes off, cut off his penis with a scissor, make it clean the blood and finally throw it out of his igloo with no penis so that he goes to the Pet Shop to be disgusting to everyone.
  • Sometimes he kills his pookie but when he does not, he lets it go traumatized. The pookie sometimes commits suicide by some way.
  • His abuses are very brutal.
  • He is a great driver, shooter, swordsman, fighter and with languages.
  • He likes cars a lot.