Agent Bon Chaos (A.K.A. Obookey) was the SIC of the Pookie Hater Defense, and also a RPA Agent, a PSA Resistance Agent, and weapons expert and scientist.



Matt 'Obookey' Walsh was born on a private island near in Penguin City (called Flaming City at the time) into a rich family, he was living the life, fancy food, servants, whatever he wanted when he wanted it, he was living the life! However,when Obookey was 4, the Mega Penguin Force (Basically the Elite Penguin Force/Penguin Secret Agency/Supreme Penguin Agency/Ultimate Penguin Force at the time) found out that the reason Obookey's family were so rich was because they were the biggest drug dealers in all of Flaming City disguised as a CEOs of a music company! Obookey's parents were jailed for life and Obookey was put into a orphanage, now hears the thing, Obookey wasn't a Pookie, he was a red 'Chick' who wore a red ball cap and black hoodie. He was bullied by the other children called 'Pookies' for not being 'normal'. He then vowed to hate these creatures for the rest of his life. After about 3 months in the orphanage, Obookey had enough of it, he was going to escape the this hell-hole known as a orphanage. It was just past midnight, the entire orphanage was asleep, it was the perfect time to escape, he grabbed a bit of food and drink from the orphanage kitchen, he made a rope out of a few old blankets, he used the rope made out of blankets to reach a window, he then found out then found out the window was closed and fell, luckily he didn't make anyone wake up, he went to the owners of the orphanage's room, and took the key for the window, he once again climbed up the blanket rope, unlocked the window, opened it, and crawled out of it, he was free!


After Obookey had escaped the orphanage, he wandered across the dark streets of Flaming City, it was cold and wet.



  • His CP username is Obookey.
  • He was the ninth agent to join Pookie Hater Defense.
  • He is the Rustic Ruin's Branch Leader.
  • He is the main scientist of the PHD Labs, and is the PHD's main weapon expert.
  • He has a special armour called 'Ghost Armour' and he also has a sword called 'The Buster Blade'.