Agent Club
Agent Club

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Friends from the PHD

Agent Unknown, Agent Bongi6, Agent Bon Chaos, Agent Slash, Agent Alyssa, Agent Dart, Agent Extreme, Agent Alex


Agent Club, Club45672, Mike

Agencies Working For

Elite Penguin Force, Robber Penguin Agency, Pookie Hater Defense, Puffle Protection Program.


Agent Omega X, Pookie Protection Program

Agent Club (A.K.A. Club45672 or Mike) was an active pookie hater around. He dislikes pookies because the pet shop is ment to adopt puffles and not pookies. He goes to the pet shop saving puffles and skilling pookies. He was part of Pookie Hater Defense and was also the former Second In Command and Director, he is not a member on Club Penguin but he does have loads of weapons to skill pookies. He is best friends with Agent Coco, Agent Alex and Dancing Panda, he sometimes made traps for pookies and goes in disguise and also attacks pookies in the Pet Shop. On January 9, 2016, he announced that he would be leaving the PHD due to aging which disappointed most, if not, everyone in the PHD but they gave him a proper sendoff and his director role was given to Agent Extreme.


How He Joined Club Penguin

In February 25, 2013, he was bored and remembered about Club Penguin from 2011 which he then searched for CP and then he couldn't remember his old penguin name and then he had to make a new one. He named his new penguin "Club45672" because the name of the game and after reading the terms of use, he created his CP account. He started out in the Hollywood Party 2013 and had no friends, at this time he was 12 and wanted to make friends, he was very interested in the items but sadly he had to be a member to buy them. He hadn't played CP in while and needed to get use to things, he met quite a lot of people, bought a puffle, which he was really glad and started to play CP more and got more active as time went on,but then one day, Club met a girl named Hearts0512. She was really pretty and nice, she liked Club too, they got along really well and have had lots of fun. She is one of Club's first friends and one of his most favorite friends, later on Club met more friends such as Unicorn Ray and Green Velvet. They were really nice and liked Club too, they did have some negatives but the majority was good. At this time he was still new and played games to get used to CP again which was just he needed. Time pasted later that year, around November he met another girl that would soon be his most favorite friend of all, she was a pookie (at this time he liked pookies) called Emerald707. He wanted a wista with a tiara so she walked up to him and said "mwe?". Club said "wes" which it all started for them and they have loved each other. In other words, Club was a pookie lover.

No More Pookies

But then one day in December 2013, pookies were crowded in the pet shop and mumus and biggies were crowded all over around,and no one was buying any puffles whatsever which annoyed Club for the next few days and started to get sick of it. Pookies were so crowded in the pet shop that Club got so annoyed that he had to do one thing can do which was protest. Pookies then started attacking him and yelling pookie language, he screamed and tried to remove the pookies but they continued to climb up him so he ran out the pet shop as fast as he could, he realized that they were so annoying. He kill them later and most never turn back as pookies.

New Director of PHD

In December 2014, Agent Unknown started a rant on how Blu Bell (the director of the PHD) was doing little to no work for the PHD and said that someone else who works hard should be director. Everyone else agreed that Agent Club (the SIC of the PHD) should be the new director and replace Blu Bell. Unfortunately, their plan for making a new director failed and they were still left with an inactive leader. However in July 2015, Unknown tried once again to make Club the new director and held a petition to see if they should have Blu Bell be replaced by Club or have the agency stay the same. Many people agreed that Club should replace Blu Bell and when the petition got 10 signs, it ended and Agent Club was crowned the new director of the Pookie Hater Defense.


On January 9, 2016, Club announced that he would be retiring from agent business. He said that the reason he was retiring was due to aging and many important things were about to come up in his life such as his driver's test and getting a job. This was shocking to everybody because nobody thought that he would leave this soon. However he said that the Pookie Hater Defense would not be closing and left Agent Extreme in charge of the agency. Everybody gave him a proper farewell and it was definitely saddening for them to see him retire but they all wished him the best of luck in his future.


Whilst it is no secret that Agent Club died doing what he loved. His death was at the hands of Agent 300. Agent Club died at the final showdown him and Agent Vortex had against Agent Batman and Agent 300. The description of Agent's club's death is given here :

"Agent Club was infuriated and decided to try and end Agent 300 for good, so he pulled out a gun and shot 3 times in Agent 300's direction. Agent 300, seeing the bullets one after the other evaded them easily using his superhuman agility. Agent 300 also had enough, therefore he grabbed a sword and charged at Club. Club was now terrified. Club decided to engage battle. Pulling out his sword, Club engaged Agent 300. Agent 300 and Agent Club, 2 mortal enemies now fight eachother for their lives. This will be the moment in the history of the PHD that will not be forgotten. Their swords clatter against eachother in a very focused, dedicated battle. This duel continues for a few more minutes until Agent 300 was finally beginning to outskill Club in sword combat.... Displaying his skill Agent 300 snapped Club's very expensive diamond PHD blade in 2 using nothing but his cheap rusty pirate sword. Overjoyed in victory, Agent 300 confidently moved forwards, STABBING his blade through Agent Club's chest very horrifically displaying a wide grin on his face. Poor Club was out of luck, as his eyes widen he tried to step back to free himself from the blade but 300 pushed his blade even further through Club's chest. Trying to resist it very urgently, Club's eyes shut and he collapsed to da floor. Club was now a dead nigga. 300 had won."

Agent Club was consumed by his own confidence that he'd end up killing Agent 300 but ironically it ended up being the other way round. This goes to show that no one should ever be too confident in anything. Whilst confidence is good, too much of it is rarely EVER helpful. As shown in the example the death of Agent Club. RIP.

Why does he hate pookies

He hates pookies because they took over the pet shop in 2013. They were crowded in the pet shop and at first he thought that it was just some sort of group and ignored them, he wasn't doing anything to them but pookies followed and attacked him and yelling weird things (pookie language). Agent Club screamed and tried to remove the penguins but they continued to climb up him. He ran out the pet shop as fast as he could they had throwed snowballs at him. They were so annoying. He came back to skill them all. Most of those pookies never came back.



  • He was the second PHD agent to join, first if you don't count Blu Bell (Blu Shit).
  • Club is somehow considered to be the best director of the PHD but also the ''real founder'', because Blu Bell did nothing.
  • He is planning to get an iPad Air for Christmas or his Birthday.
  • He is a PHD agent and always hiring other agents into the agency except for PPP agents.
  • He never gives up (insert Rick Roll lel) and no matter what, nothing can stop him.
  • He is great friends with Agent Coco and Agent Alex.
  • Thanks to Agent Omega X, he's become a SlugSlinger. Even if Omega is his enemy.

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