Agent Coco (AKA Cocoloco3412 on CP and Wikias) is a pookie hater, but he can't be on much due to "private matters". He's also a great SlugSlinger like his brother. He was "neutralized" by Agent Omega X.


Once, before the Fair 2012, which was his most desired party, he was a Pookie Neutral, which meant that he neither loved nor hated pookies. But one day before The Fair 2012 started, when he entered the Pet Shop, pookies were scared of his clothing, and started bullying him and reporting him. What's worse, his own brother e-mailed CP to get him banned for a month! This mentally depressed him a lot. He promised to never love pookies... and to always hate them. Also, he always wore the same clothes that caused this trouble to him as his trademark clothes: the Operation: Blackout clothes. The last straw came when he found out that his brother, the one he once admired and hoped to be like, was secretly foiling his plans of bullying pookies as the famous Agent Omega X, all by leading the Pookie Protection Program, thus mentally depressing him even more. He became a paranoid, only trusting pookie haters. He had an incredibly good plot to make many places around CP Island so horrible that pookies could never even think of going to these places again. He changed his clothes a bit, but whenever he went to bully pookies he wore the Operation: Blackout clothes. At an unknown date, he joined the Pookie Hater Defense.

After months serving in the PHD, he joined the Robber Penguin Agency, yet he was fired when Omega X revealed his (Coco's) plan of replacing Agent Unknown as the RPA director and turning the agency into the Killer Penguin Agency. This depressed him to the point of trying to kill Omega X in the real world while their parents were away, hoping it'd solve all of his problems. However, he was knocked out and left partially amnesic, remembering nothing about Pookies, by his brother, who then covered up the whole incident.


  • He's Agent Omega X's younger brother.
  • He was a former PHD agent.
  • He was a psycho.