Agent Nwonknu (pronounced nwon-knew) is a clone of Agent Unknown and a pookie skiller he seems to be the exact opposite of Unknown and his name is Agent Unknown spelled backwards. He has the same skills as Unknown, he is also part of the PHD but an associate.


Nwonknu was created by Agent Club and was exclusively for the Pookie Hater Defense, however in order to make it he had to get Unknown's files and samples in order to be created. When he was finally created Club was very impressed, he named it "Agent Nwonknu". He had very good skills and combat. Agent Club wanted him to test out his skills first, he was strong and he was sucessfull experiment.


  • He is the exact opposite of Unknown.
  • He was created to destroy Unknown so it would be easier for the PHD to skill pookies.
  • His creator is Agent Club.
  • He is not an agent, but an associate of the PHD.
  • Nwonknu and Unknown have a strong rivalry.
  • His best friend is Agent Coco and Agent Agemo.
  • Since he needed a friend, he made another opposite of Agent Mastermind.

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