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Agent Unknown
Unknown 2
Agent Unknown

Full Name


Friends from the PHD

Agent Club, Agent Bon Chaos, Agent Bongi6



Agencies Working for

Robber Penguin Agency, Pookie Hater Defense, Formerly Pookie Protection Program, etc.

Wikia Account

Agent Unknown (he previously used AWCS)

Agent Unknown was a PHD agent and a robber of the Pookie Hater Defense. He was also the director of the Robber Penguin Agency four times before his death in Operation: Waddle On, a mission was made to revive him but as of now has not happened yet due to the remaining agents going their separate ways shortly after Unknown’s death.


Unknown is generally relativity nice but he can be very angry often.


Agent Unknown first joined Club Penguin on October 17 2013, since it was the halloween party he didn't know very much and thought that everything was new, then when the party ended he walked into the pet shop to adopt a puffle and spotted two pookies with tiaras and a dress and someone walked up to them and said 'Awwwh I pick you', he got confused at first since he had never heard about pookies so he just adopted the puffle and left to his igloo to play with it, later he got a hoodie that looked like a Robber outfit and he wore it and people screamed 'AAAAAH ROBBER!' and ran away, he then became a robber and robbed the pizza parlour and coffee shop since robbing was his favourite roleplay, he became a member of the EPF on November 23 2013 and trained with The Director, Gary, Jet Pack Guy, Dot the Disguise Gal and PH (Puffle Handler). On November 30 2013 he was robbing the pizza parlour and since he couldn't find any disguises, he disguised as a pookie and went to the pet shop and got picked by a mumu, when he got home, he robbed her and left, he then realized that being a pookie was fun so he started being a pookie. He joined the Pookie Protection Program on January 24 2014 and reached the SIC rank just after 2 weeks by defeating a pookie hater who was almost impossible to defeat which saved the PPP from danger. His worst enemy is Agent Nwonknu, who is a copy of him, he is said to be more stronger than Unknown however he doesn't believe this, since they have the same skills, anything is possible.

Birth of the Robber Penguin Agency (RPA)

On March 22 2014, he attacked the EPF Command Room and stole the files with a couple of buddies, however the Club Penguin Police Department were chasing after him, so he had to find a place to hide, so he went in disguise as a dragon and escaped so he thought that if they spotted him, he'd be in jail for a long time so he spent an entire month creating an agency underground and a HQ for it, he named the agency 'Robber Penguin Agency' but the CPPD found the agency in the Underground Mine and attacked it, causing sadness to Unknown, he was devastated but he thought about the Pookie Protection Program, the director had their HQ in his igloo so Unknown created the RPA HQ in his igloo and hid it in the mountains so nobody but the RPA agents could get there, however Agent Omega X knows where the HQ is but decides to keep it to himself since he doesn't want his S.W.A.T team to destroy the HQ again after how much sadness it caused to one of his greatest friends.

At the end of May, Omega and Unknown had another arguement on Club Penguin Wiki, which the arguement was so strong. Unknown quited the PPP, the following day Unknown joined the PHD.

Death of the Robber Penguin Agency (RPA)

On March 29, 2015; Agent Unknown announced that he was leaving Club Penguin Island and starting a new life. Due to ageing and Club Penguin Island going downhill. He was forced to close the Robber Penguin Agency and all of his robbing work needed.


  • He was formerly a PPP agent but quit as pookies were getting boring.
  • He used to be an enemy in the Pookie Hater Defense, however, since he joined PHD he's now an ally.
  • His worst enemy is Agent Mastermind, his previous enemies were Agent Glade1 and Agent Nwonknu.
  • He hates Agent Coco who wants him to stop following his brother everywhere.
  • Unknown and Omega have had several arguements.
    • It is due, however, to both of them losing temper easily. But they normally stop arguing 24 hours after the argument started.
  • His favourite roleplay is Robber.
  • He is the Director of the Robber Penguin Agency.
  • He was Second in COmmand of the PPP army.