Bongi6's Spaceship Hideout
Spaceship Hideout mega
The Spaceship Hideout


May 2014

Located in

Club Penguin Island, or Space

Protected By

Agent Bongi6, PHD Agents

Controlled By

Agent Bongi6, Pookie Hater Defense, Robber Penguin Agency, Elite Penguin Force, Extra-Planetary Federation, Penguin Secret Agency Resistance

Bongi6's Spaceship Hideout is a spaceship controlled by Agent Bongi6. He keeps his secret files, and his money there. Agent B monitors Club Penguin by flying it above Club Penguin. To get in, you must teleport there if you are his friend, or go to it on the map if it is on the map. Or you can get a spaceship and find it. The PHD now controls it too as a secret base for the PHD. Now the RPA does too. He has secret meetings here. This is also where he brings Pookies that he kidnapped. Bongi6 later got rid of it, and replaced it with a better secret base.


  • It is also Agent B's Secret Base.
  • Agent Omega X has a similar one.

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