The Dimension 4 (or one dimensional space) is a dimensional space of penguin time. When p = 1, the set of all such locations is called the one dimensional space. 1D penguins live in this dimension and live in a 1D version of Club Penguin Island. This dimension is on a lower plane just right below the second dimension and above the zero dimensional space or the unknown dimension.

How To Get Here

To get to this dimension you can have the Dimensional P 9000 which would take you to this dimension or the other way you can get here is draw a line in right in the middle of Club Penguin Island and you will be transported into the first dimension.

1D Pookie

1D pookies are pookies but they are one dimensional and be normal if anyone is 1D but they do not like pookies or penguins from any other dimension.


  • Operation: U.N.P.O.O.K.I.E might use the Dimension P 9000.
  • You will have to draw a line right in the middle of Club Penguin Island to get here.