What a rare diva may look like, they are easily spotted.


What the fuck is this Powerpuff Pookie cancer?


What a diva might look like: UGLY.

Diva cancer

A classic Diva; Not following what she has been told.

Divas are an "upgraded level" of Pookies, and they are usually very rude and aggressive. Their behavior are way worst than regular Pookies, making them more immature and they love to create drama.

How They Act:

Divas usually like to be alone, they HATE non-members, they like rich mumus and member mumus, divas usually bully other pookies and throw fits. They also throw snowballs and they are rude and pushy, and sometimes skill regular pookies. Divas are selfish because they want everything to be about them and always want to be the youngest.

Some divas may look nice at the pet shop, but when somebody adopts them they skill the pookies and maybe the mumu, divas are also very sexist which means they only want girls but not boys. Some divas are pookie haters in disguise which means they act very rude and skill pookies.

Some divas are true pookies, meaning they think this is the way to do things. These are the types of pookies that drive some lovers to become haters.


  • Divas are bullies, meanies, and evil but easy to beat since they are often stupid.
  • Some divas can be a MELD.
  • It is extremly rare for a diva to have a brother.
  • Meanie Mumus are usually the mothers of divas.
  • If you are a diva, please ask an admin to let us know.
  • Pookies are also enemies of diva's, even though they are the same kind.
  • Divas are enemies of both the PPP and the PHD because they both want to eliminate mean pookies.
    • However, the PHD sometimes sends their agents to be agents in disguise as divas so that they can attack pookies, and convince them to not be pookies.
  • When some people meet a diva and suffer the consequences, they start thinking that all pookies are divas, which is wrong. Like Agent Extreme, but not just divas, lots of pookies were very mean to him during his last pookie protection patrol.
  • Extremely rarely, non members could be divas. This was spotted in a hotel, all of them were removed however.