Duh duh

This is what a duh duh might look like.

Duh Duhs are pookie's dads, and also the fathers of pookies, many pookies usually pick mumus than duh duhs because mumus are sexist (which is against the law in real life), and pookies often say "mo" to a duh duh when being picked, some duh duhs work for the Pookie Hater Defense and hurt pookies when they come to their igloo. If they are married, they would be out on the job.


  • Duh Duhs usually wear the Sunstriker, and they also wear the Pear Necklace sometimes they wear a boa.
  • No one really knows who started the gender racism.
  • They may also wear the Side Swept.
  • They may also wear hoodies of any color.
  • Like mumus, they are pookie's third stage of life.
  • Most of the time,  dudus can be preps. Same as mumus. Preps are penguins at the stadium thinking they're the coolest people ever and capitalizing every word. They think they're so perfect. Usually a pookie is raised by a prep and will grow up as a prep.
  • Because duh duhs are sometimes called dudu on the Pookie Wiki, pronounced doo doo, this may be the reason pookies don't like them.