Extreme bot is agent Extreme's 99% purely indestructible, prototype robot that is 100% programmed to kill pookies, it is made out of adamantium and vibranium thus making it 99% indestructible. It is extremely powerful and is able to destroy 1 fam fam with one blast of its mighty cannon. It is indestructible due to its latest tech and adamantium vibranium two of the most strongest metals in the whole world. It is very similar to Robo-Bongi6 and it has an extremely powerful cannon on both arms that can destroy at 6000kmph with a super power jet pack which can fly up to the speed of light and when agent Extreme and agent B finish collecting enough adamantium vibranium, they will make a whole army of Extremebots and powerful Robo-Bongi6(s) and they will be invincible. But just in case, Agent E has a deactivation remote control in his private quarters located under his bed but it is not likely it will happen. Now that Extremebot has been revived, he has returned to the PHD and will accompany AE on important emergencies.


  • It will be made with the latest tech
  • It will share agent extreme's skill, memory, and intelligence.
  • It will be his best invention yet
  • It also has similar physical structure and features to its equivalent; Robo-Bongi6
  • It's prototype version was destroyed but then fixed by expert Bobo74940
  • Bobo74940 hates pookies also and has a robot called Flipnoodles
  • Now that it has been rebuilt, Agent Extreme,Bobo74940,and Agent B are making an army of Extremebots and Robo-Bongi6(s) and they will be unstoppable and invincible.
  • They will invade from December 18, 2014 to March 25, 2015.