Fam Fams are stupid term of saying the word "families" for Pookies. They consist of Pookies, Mumus, and sometimes Duh Duhs (uncommon to see duh duhs). They may also have siblings (biggies) or grandparents (called grampy for "grandpa" and grammy for "grandma") if they are a big family.

Overall, fams fams are known to mock families in real life.

False Family

A False Family or known also as Hater Family, is a group of pookie haters pretending to be a normal family, but when they bring the pookie home, they will kill the pookie. They can also bring even more pookies for more kills, sometimes with Mumus or Duh Duhs or other types of family members.


  • Pookies say family "fam fam" but some can say "fwam fwam"
    • In French, Pookies say "fwamily" rather than "fam fam".
  • On Club Penguin, fam fams could get into big family of 5 Pookies and more, alongside Biggies and other types of family members. But when Pookies were at the top of their popularity (back in 2013-2014), the number of haters increased widely, making more raids in fam fam igloos. Years later, the number of Pookies decreased in fam fams, going up for 1-2 Pookies. Club Penguin Private Servers have fam fams of 1 or 2 Pookies, rarely more than 3 due to the massive genocide from the past.
  • Many fam fams usually do stuff together, but rarely they will be mean to each others (unless one of them being a Diva Pookie, things can get heated) and not go places.