HATEEERS!!! is a "parody" of POOKIEEES!!! that Agent Mastermind created as part of his plan to counter everything Agent Alex could possibly say and cause him to give up at least at trying to beat Mastermind.



You've started to belive

That it is possible

For a population to die

And go extinct

And everyone of you

Will soon get swept away

You are nothing but a problem and a big plauge

Listen haters, I don't like what you do

All I want is that you all dissapear

And remember

I'll act so that it all becames real

You have set it all on fire

You think you're so cool

But I'll report every time I can

I remember when this whole thing began

No way for you to win, no big deal for me

And belive be

My hate for you will not perish but you will

And everything you do

Is just a problem

And I'll win every time I fight

All haters, every single one

Should have never even existed

If it was all like that

I would be fine

Lasers, mind tricks and master plans

Will be used to end you all

I will cause nobody but you harm

No alarm

Listen haters, do you care for your health?

Don't you see you must stop right now?

I am after you

Have you forgotten how screwed up you are?

You're gonna fear me

For I am now much more mad

And I'll defeat you every time I can

Yes, that's right, every time I can

Listen haters to the warning I give

And remember I will destroy you all

But it's sad to see you idiots

Still breathing on

Pookie haters are blind

To much demons in their minds

Club Penguin was nice but now it's sour

Yeah, you've made it sour

Listen brainless jerks to the warning I give

And remember I'm out for you all

So come on, come on

You'll listen to me

That, or I destroy you

Come on, you must perish now

You are not a bit worth


  • Mastermind teamed up with Herbert to turn him half-evil to write this, reversing the affect after it was done. He then punched Herbert in the face and said "That was horrible".