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Pookie Hater Defense
(A.K.A PHD or Pookie Protest Army) is an agency that kills pookies on Club Penguin. It was originally founded in February 2014 to demolish pookies and get rid of them.


At the end of January 2014, Club was annoyed by pookies and he hated them so much, pookies were a menace and needed to die. Later that next day (February 1, 2014) Club was browsing the internet after getting annoyed by pookies once again; since he disliked them a lot, he decided to create a wiki for hating pookies until he found this wiki called "The Pookie Protest Wiki", which Club checked out and decided to look around, Club began to express his hate for pookies. The wiki didn't have that much pages which Club wanted to shape things up, he edited pages, created, and made his first mainspace wiki edit. As a couple days passed Club started to gain intress on this wiki and contributed for about a few days. The founder of the wiki was Blu Bell and let Club to create more pages to make it a better wiki. On February 8, 2014 an anonymous wiki contributor came to the wiki and called pookie haters stupid which at some point created a page called "Pookie Hater Defense" and "Pookie Hater Defense Weaponary", Blu Bell notices this and got an idea which then lead creating it into a real agency.

Operation Infilitration (February 25, 2014 - April 6, 2014)

The agency first started in February 2014 after two months of an agency, Club got his codename "Agent Club" and started to get to work. Several days later an agent codenamed "Agent Unknown" from the "Pookie Protection Program" warns the director of the agency named "Agent Omega X", after a brief discussing Agent Omega decides to infiltrate the Pookie Hater Defense as well as the Pookie Protest Wiki and they decided to make a plan to defeat the Pookie Hater Defense, Agent Omega orders Agent Unknown to plan the mission and Agent R to go undercover and they explained the plan and made the Pookie Hater Defense's first threat called "Operation Infilitration".


The PHD's first threat.

Agent Unknown was ready to infiltrate this wiki and finds plenty of information such as the PHD offical handbook and find the weapons we use to kill "skill" pookies, Agent Omega X says that they need to do something else, he tells them to tell them that there is a pookie mass at a server when there actually is but the one who doesn't tell them stands guard and that they'll capture them or they can go and act as haters and then tell the PPP what they gathered, but Agent Unknown decides to go in disguise as a pookie hater and joins our agency by the codename 'Agent Kill' to try and find out what the Pookie Hater Defense's plan is, Agent Kill (Agent Unknown in disguse); at some point Agent Club beomes Second In Comand (SIC). Agent Unknown askes Blu Bell about the plan which she tells about and Agent Unknown gathers the information about the plan, reveals himself, and escapes with the information which gets him blocked for two weeks; Agent Club then meets a pookie hater which pookies got him banned on Club Penguin Island named "Agent Coco" and wants to join Pookie Hater Defense, Agent Club let's him in but Agent Coco tells him a secret that he is actually the Pookie Protection Program's brother named "Agent Coco", Agent Club finds out about this but let's him join anyway, Agent Coco has the advantage for having the enemy's brother on our agency, which he can spy on his brother and know about the Pookie Protection Program's plans, Agent Coco then creates a wikia account and goes to work; On March 13, 2014 Agent Unknown threatens to tell the Wikia Community Central to close the Pookie Protest Wiki if they don't unblock all the pookie protectors they say they will unblock them but only if the PPP will no longer vandalise the wiki and if Agent Unknown won't send in any more agents undercover, however agent unknown refuses and gets out the Eclipse Cannon and attacks the PHD with it, however, Agent Omega X feels guilty of this and tells Agent Unknown not to do it again, later Agent Unknown apologizes to the PHD. The next day Agent Unknown gets some help from the Pookie Protection Program to make a plan to destroy the Pookie Hater Defense, when Agent Unknown returns to the Pookie Protest Wiki, he steals some information and sends Agent Omega X and Agent R into action, they arrive in an airship and Agent Unknown tries to grab onto a rope to give the information to Omega X but before he does, Blu Bell captures him but Omega X jumps out and fights the PHD agents to save him and forces Agent Unknown to grab onto the rope and climb up it into the airship, Agent Unknown presses a button and A claw grabber grabs Agent Omega X and takes him into the airship and they escape with the information, after they escape the PHD decides to get revenge but the PPP agents appear and prepare for battle against the PHD. Agent Ham battles against Agent Coco but he uses a darkslayer to attack Agent Ham knocking him out, Agent Rookie Pie jumps above Agent Coco ready to attack him but he gets out the Mega Buster and zaps her with it, all the other PHD agents attack the PPP agents and they fly back to the headquarters.

On March 16, 2014; the Pookie Hater Defense create a mission called 'Operation S.T.O.P' which stands for 'Skill The Operatives Protectors' which causes a pookie war to happen. A truth about the relationship between Agent Omega X, the Director of the PPP, and Agent Coco, an Agent of the PHD, is revealed to both sides. They are brothers. However, they hate each other so much that they took different paths of everything, Agent Omega calls Agent Coco and tells him to go to the back of their house, they're about to chat but soon turns into massive fight, since they were both trained by the Sensei, they're tied. They get tired and go home for a rest.

At some point of March a pookie hater entered the Pookie Protest Wiki and started saying pookies were stupid creatures which Blu Bell hired him to go undercover to join PPP and find out their plans however he revealed himself and escaped, later he seen Agent Unknown saving pookies which got him angry, he went up to Unknown and started yelling and screaming at him, He ignored it and walked back to the Pookie Protection Program HQ, when he got hired by Blu Bell he got the codename "Agent Alex". Agent Alex; a pookie abuser, prep hater, fam fam hunter, abortionist of mumus pregnant of pookies and couplebreaker in Club Penguin. He often disguises as a rich woman to pick pookies and later hurt them. He will sometimes kill them, but he generally lets them go traumatized. He also often goes to the Pet Shop and hurts pookies and uppies there causing some trouble and disorder. Agent Unknown realizes that they're not going very well on the mission so he contacts Agent R to protect more and more and more pookies and train with the Sensei and test more EPF Gadgets if they want to defeat the PHD. Around March 26, 2014; Agent Club wanted to make a clone out of Agent Unknown and wanted him to be the exact opposite of him, the result was "Agent Nwonknu" (Unknown spelled backwards) and more powerful than Unknown himself, he was part of the PHD but an associate. Nwonknu was created by Agent Club he and was exclusively for the Pookie Hater Defense, however in order to make it he had to get Unknown's files and samples in order to be created. When he was finally created Club was very impressed, he named it "Agent Nwonknu". He had very good skills and combat. Agent Club wanted him to test out his skills first, he was strong and he was sucessfull experiment. The next day Agent Unknown finds out about Nwonknu and tells Agent Omega about him, he decides to make Mecha Unknown to skill Nwonknu himself.

On March 24, 2014; an agent that is a friend of Agent Unknown tells Agent Club that he blocks people for being mean and innapropriate on all wikis, and never for opinions. He was going to make sure the Pookie Hater Defense is shut down by all means. Agent Coco tells him he won't or he'll tell his brother. Agent Unknown tells Agent Club that his job as an SIC is to block people who are threatening and insulting other agents but he blocks people who like pookies but that is not his job.


  • Agent Omega X is the Pookie Hater Defense's Greatest Enemy.