Hyperkiki is an evil mumu in Club Penguin. She was seen torturing and murdering pookies in this video. Nesha2000 and Pie98292 were her victims.


Hyperkiki picked Pie and Nesha and they became wistas. When they arrived home, Hyperkiki was mean at them and left. After a few moment she came back and the torture started. She went to the pookies (who were at their room) and ordered them to clean the poop at the toilet. They went and came back. When Hyperkiki checked, she found they hadn't clean it so she went to their room and hit them hard a lot of times. Then she left to the kitchen while the pookies were crying. There she made a disgusting and gross elmo soup and called the pookies. They went to the kitchen very excited but saw the soup and ate it very disgusted. While they were eating, Hyperkiki hit them again and took them to the living room, there she pin them to the wall and hit them with a rock and with a baseball bat. The pookies were crying again. Later she carried them to the toilet and held their heads under the water so they could not breath (notice that they had not clean the poop before as Hyperkiki told them so the water was with poop). After about a minute they died and Hyperkiki started dancing happily.


  • The torture was recorded and posted in YouTube by Hyperkiki.
  • To see the video, click here.