How cute MELDs try to act


A MELD. Note that this is Speedpenguin1.

MELD (Mean Evil Little Diva) is a diva pookie, but however they are way worse, and some may work for the Pookie Hater Defense, but ones that work for PHD are not really pookies, but are normal agents in disguise.

What MELDs Do

They will act like a normal pookie, but when the owner is not around they will then skill or bully the pookie and when the owner comes back they will act like normal pookies. They will lie to their owner and also say "Is Nice".

Occasionally they will skill their owner too and run off.


Another MELD.


MELDU (Mean Evil Lying Diva Uppie) is similar to a MELD except they are a dog. They will also be friends with the MELD, they will then skill or bully normal pookies by biting them and also clawing them. They are not to be confused with Hater Dogs (HD).

Sometimes a Hater Dog might partner up with a MELD.

How To Find An MELD

Here are some ways to find a MELD:

  • If you see them in action, like bullying or skilling.
  • They may say "is MELD"
  • Some pookie broders/wistas are a MELD.


  • Male divas are rare to find, only two male MELDs have been spotted.
  • Female divas are more common.
  • Sometimes MELDs may use some powers such as "mind control" to make their owner didn't believe they didn't do a crime, this is rare however.