Meanie mumus don't actually like pookies, unless they are lovers abusing pookies for a video, like Hyperkiki.

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Pookies being tortured by a ''good'' mumu, they deserved this!


A MELD. Note that Meanie Mumus get pookies this kind of wista.

Meanie Mumus are evil mumus that are mean to pookies, some work for the Pookie Hater Defense and treat pookies as hostages and then skill them. Note that some dress dark and evil.

What They Do

They usually hate pookies and try to skill them, they go in the pet shop and dress like a normal mumu and then they'll say "Awh, I pik/pick you!", they will take their pookie home and skill/bully/enslave the pookie.

They will also sometimes have an evil pookie called MELD (Mean Evil Little Diva, acronym created by Agent Omega X), however they will let the MELD bully the other pookies and pretend to not notice, they also spoil the MELD and treat regular pookies like trash.

They may have a pet, but the pet will be either be a MELDU, or a Hater Dog, they will attack the pookies and make them cry. After, they will rip the Pookie's flesh, slowly and enjoying the screams...


  • Agent Mega thinks they are the best type of mumu, which is true.
  • Meanie Mumus are always pookie haters.
  • If you are a Meanie Mumu then please ask an admin to let us know.
  • They also might skill a pookie immediately. And fast.
  • Some (rarely) might feel sorry for being haters and will promise her Pookie to never bully him/her again. In this case, if they're PHD agents, they'll be fired but also killed.
  • Some Meanie Mumus put videos about their Pookies getting killed.
  • Some Meanie Mumus are PPP Agents, they were caught however.