Negative Dimension

Negative Dimension

The Negative Dimension is, even if it sounds crazy, a 3D Dimension in which opposite versions of the positive dimension (our dimension) live in. It has versions of Omega X, Agent Unknown, Agent Club, Agent Coco and more. It is known to be the only dimension in which pookies are almost extinct.

Differences with our dimension

The dimension's appearance and colors are mirrored and everyone says the opposite of what their positive counterparts say. For example, if our dimension's Omega X would say "let's go save some pookies!", the Negative Dimension's Omega X (Onega X) would say "let's go skill some pookies!", and so occurs with the rest of the people.


Description: Positive Dimension Version +

Omega X

Cutoutcustom by cool pixels and edited a bit by omegasonic2000

Omega X from the Positive Dimension (Agent Omega X)

  • Nice
  • Hates violence
  • Loves pookies
  • Runs the Pookie Protection Program
  • Alive

Description: Negative Dimension Version -

Onega X

Onega X Operation Infiltration II

Omega X from the Negative Dimension (Onega X)

  • Evil
  • Is a gifted skiller
  • Hates pookies
  • Runs the Pookie Pounding Program
  • Dead


  • This dimension is mirrored for example when things appear on the right of our dimension, it is mirrored and things appear on the left.
  • In contrast to popular belief, the Positive Dimension people can enter the Negative Dimension without suffering any changes and viceversa.
    • However, the Negative Dimension people don't like Positive Dimension people living amongst them, and viceversa.
  • There're rumors that, if a lot of Positive Dimension people were to reside in the Negative Dimension for a long time, either the latter would become an exact replica of the Positive Dimension or the residents of the former would become exact replicas of their Negative Dimension selves, both results apparently permanent. However, those rumors are still unconfirmed.

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