No More Pookies is an upcoming movie that will show in a very crude way the pookie hater world. It is an animated 2015 anti-pookie and pro-pookie hater movie that Agent Alex plans to do. The movie's name is stylized as NO MORE POOKIES!!!There will probably be a sequel in 2016 named Pookies: The Involuted, and in 2017, No More Pookies: The Extinction.


Pookie haters Alex and Angie (who are siblings) want to join the PHD but aren't accepted because the PHD only does protests against pookies and Alex and Angie prefer abuse. So Alex is told by his friend Agent Club (who is the SIC in the PHD) that if he prefers abuse, he will have to do it without being inside the PHD. Alex decides to start a quest along with Angie to kill 1,000 pookies and prove that abuse works better than protests to clean the island. Meanwhile, Hyperkiki (who is a friend to Alex and Angie) prefers abuse too and is an evil mumu who kidnapps pookies, so she will choose to join them. There will be a great, bloody, violent, awesome and intense adventure which will be led by Alex, Angie and Hyperkiki to kill 1,000 pookies. But it will not be easy for them because they will become most wanted by the Pookie Protection Program, but anyway, the ones who will take it harder will be by far the pookies.


  • Alex  - A pookie hater who thinks that the PHD should change its method to abuse because protests have been useless.
  • Angie  - Alex's sister. A pookie hater who also thinks that abuse is much better than protests.
  • Hety - A pookie kidnapper, torturer and killer who friends with Alex and Angie and helps them on their quest to kill a thousand pookies to prove that abuse has better results.
  • Blu Bell - The founder and Directress of the PHD.
  • Agent Omega X - The Director of the PPP and Agent Coco's older brother.
  • Agent Club - The Second In Command of the PHD and a friend to Alex.  He helps Alex, Angie and Hety during the massive pookie kidnapping at the end of the movie.
  • Agent Coco - A PHD agent despite being Agent Omega X's younger brother.
  • Agent Bon Chaos - A PHD scientist and weapon expert.
  • Sensei - A ninja master who is former master of Alex, Angie and Hety.
  • Stella - A pookie who mysteriously disappears and is nowhere to be found.
  • Pookies - The plague that is hunted by the PHD.
  • UnPookies - Pookie robots designed by the PHD's main scientist, Agent Bon Chaos.
  • Preps - Teenager penguins who were pookies and think themselves as the best ones.
  • Mumus and dadas - The biological or adoptive parents of pookies.
  • Uppies and kitties - Dogs and cats who are the pets of pookies.
  • Citizens - All the other penguins that play no important role.
  • Agent Unknown - Second In Command of the PPP.
  • Agent Mastermind - A PPP agent.
  • Agent VeggiePuff - A PPP agent who is sent along with his security personnel to take care of the Pet Shop from any threat.
  • Agent VeggiePuff's security personnel - 50 unknown PPP agents who help Agent VeggiePuff to take care of the Pet Shop.
  • Pookie agents - Pookie agents that are seen attacking Alex, Angie and Hyperkiki during the Pet Shop massacre.
  • Ballono - The Director of the KLA and a member of the PPP.


Teen 13+. Blood and gore, intense violence.


It shows inside the meeting room of the Pookie Hater Defense headquarters ther table is full with PHD agents that are chattering indistinctly.

Meeting director: Evevryone silence, please. The meeting starts now.

Everyone makes silence

Meeting director: We are here so that it stops being unclear what is the main porpuse of this agency and its method. We want no pookies in the island and that's why this agency is here. We has chosen protests as our only method because if we use violence we could be attacked by the Pookie Protection Program and we don't want it to happen. We all know that there pookie haters like us but aren't inside the agency because they apply violence against pookies. They make them suffer physically and mentally. That's why we don't allow them in. And we made the PPP to know that do they don't attack us. We don't care for those other pookie abusers. But there's this guy who is a pookie abuser and is so brutal that he is well feared by all the pookies that know who he is. Once a pookie is taken by him, sometiomes it's tortured to dead but some other times it's tortured and he let's it go traumatized and the pookie is discovers he will be never the same. It becomes shy, don't want to be picked anymore, they only want to spent the rest of their lifes inside the Pet Shop hiding from the world. That will happen with pookies that he lets go before they die or they commit suicide. The Pookie Protection Program doesn't know about him yet but they will know soon as his cruel and sadistic activity against pookies will not go unoticed anymore. He is to be considered the terror of pookies.

The scene ends and the screen turns black. And after a few seconds, suddenly a loud suspense music starts and the screen shows in slow motion Alex entering his luxurious. The scene ends.

The screen turns black and after a few seconds NO MORE POOKIES appears on the screen.

Alex parks his car in the street and enters the PHD headquarters. Then he enters the meeting room where they're now disscussing what do they want in a PHD agent.

Meeting director: We want agents that are strong, solid, agents that never give up. This is the best place for them. We want agents that follow their porpuses but that never go beyond limits. Loyal agents that follow the rules, that do never disobey the PHD. All the ones who are like that are the ones who we are looking for. May they bring prosperity to the PHD and to the island.

Everyone claps.

Meeting director: These are the ones who passed the test: Norm, Alexander, Frankie, Happy, Rainbow, Zoe, Carl, Harten, Cupcake, Troy and Brooke. Congratulations.

Everyone claps again and the meeting ends.

Alex goes to his friend Agent Club who is unoccupied by the moment.

Alex: Hey! What was all that about?!

Club: Hey! How are you?!

Alex: Not so good. I was not chosen to join.

Club: You should know why.

Alex: I know. And I know that the PHD should understand me and change.

Club: Why? I already told you, we are the pookie protest, we protest against pookies, you know that.

Alex: Yes, but your purpose is that there are no more pookies in the island, and after months of useless protests they still as a plague that wanders around.

Club: And what about that? When we were founded, we chose protests as our only method.

Alex: But it's useless, you gain enemies but not what you want. It became obvious months ago that protests ain't strong enough to clean the island.

Club: And what do you suggest?

Alex: That the PHD stops being impotent. If protests don't work, then you shall change to abuse. I have the same purpose than you guys do, so if you don't change your mind, I will do it myself with the help of my friends, the ones who chose to join me. Including my sister.

Club: Okay, okay, I never said that you couldn't abuse pookies, only that you would have to do it without being part of us. Unless you prove that abuse will be more effective, but until that day, I that day will not necessarily come, you're not inside.

Alex: Okay, whatever you say.

Alex goes and Club sits down on a chair to eat oreos.

Alex enters  the Coffee Shop and buys a coffee then he sits down and texts Angie and Hyperkiki.

Alex (texting to Angie): hey, were not in. they want agents who only protest. by they gave me the chance to show them that abuse works better and im not willing to give it up. lets take it as a challenge.

Angie (texting to Alex): really?! ok! lets do this! it will be fun! what do u think about asking hety to join us?

Alex (texting to Angie): i didnt know she was a pookie hater too.

Angie (texting to Alex): she is a huge feared pookie hater.

Alex (texting to Angie): well, in that case she would help a lot but lets see what she wants. ill go to her iggy now.

Angie (texting to Alex): ok. then tell me her answer.

Alex (texting to Hety): hey, i'll be in your house in a few minutes ok?

Hety (texting to Alex): ok.

The next scene is to show how is Hety to pookies.

Hety is walking on the igloo village and enters her igloo, where she has two pookie sisters as slave hostages.

Pookie 1 (only heard): Mwe is scared!

Pookie 2 (only heard): Mwe too!

When the pookies hear her steps they shiver. Then Hety goes to them.

Hety: POOKIES!!!

Pookie 1: Wes moo mee?

Pookie 2: Wes mama?

Hyperkiki: CLEAN THE POO!!! NOW!!!

Pookie 2: Ewy!

Pookie 1: Ew!

Hety hits both of them while they’re standing up. Then they both immediately go to the toilet.

Pookie 1: Otay.

Pookie 2: Otay.

Pookie 1: Wes mama.

The pookies start cleaning.

Hety: FASTER!!!

The pookies hurry up.

Hety: You goddamn useless things!

The pookies stop cleaning and go to Hety.

Pookie 1: Done moo mee.

Pookie 2: Done.

Hety goes to the toilet and checks but finds that the poop stills there and gets angry and the pookies shiver with fear. Then she goes to them and hits them very hard with her bare hands several times. While she is hitting them, the pookies fall to the floor and start crying. Then Hety keeps hitting.


Pookie 1: I be good girl! Wes moo mee!

Pookie 2: Wes mummy!

Hyperkiki: YOU BETTER BE!!! OR ELSE!!!

Hety goes to the kitchen while the pookies keep crying. In the kitchen, Hety takes a pot, then she fills it with water, she puts it under her legs and pees on it, then she spits in it several times and then she puts it inside the oven so it gets hot. Meanwhile, the pookie 1 is sitting in the floor and ctying in her shoulder, then the pookie 2 goes to her and sits next.

Pookie 2 (whispering): Mumu gates us.

The pookie 1 nods yes. Then she higs pookie 2.

The pookies go very excited to the kitchen.

Hety (from the kitchen): DIN! DIN! COME AND GET IT!!!

The pookies hear.

Pookie 2: Way!

They go very excited to the kitchen.

Pookie 1 (while going to the kitchen): Finnally! For tree days!

The pookies sit down.


She puts the pit on the table and the pookies see it.

Pookie 1: Ewy! I pass!


Then Hety goes behind pookie 1’s seat and hits her back, then she grabs her from the arm but the pookie tries to wiggle out and falls off the chair to the floor. Meanwhile, the pookie 2 eats a spoonful because she is starving but she burns because it is very hot.

Pookie 2: AAAAAAHHH!!!!!!

Then the pookie 1 stands from the floor and sits again and eats a spoonful but she feels the horrible taste and wants to spit it but she passes it.

Pookie 1: EWY!

Hety carries both of them and takes them to the living room. There she pins them to the wall, she grabs a rock and hits them several times, the she grabs a baseball bat and hits their faces and tummies with it several times. The pookies are suffering and crying a lot while they have blood in their faces.

Pookies: WWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Then, she carries them to the toilet and drops them so they fall to floor in front of the toilet. Then she grabs them and holds their heads under the water which is brown because of the poop. The pookies wiggle very hard but can't get out and they scream in so they loose air.

Pookies (inside water): AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Hety (with a mocking voice): Now you see why you should have clean the poop?

After twenty seconds, she takes them out and they fall to the floor. The pookies have their faces filthty with water with poop.

Pookie 1 (while crying): Moo mee! Why woo gate mwe!

Hety: Clean the poop!

The pookies stand up very slowly while they're crying. When they reach the toilet they start cleaning very slow. After a few seconds, Hety pushes their heads under the water and holds them there again. The pookies start to wiggle hard but can't get out and scream so they loose all the air they have. They keep wiggling very hard and after thirty seconds they can't hold their breath any longer so they inhale a big amount of the pooped water which immediately goes to their lungs and they die. Hety realizes they're dead because they stop moving so she stops holding and they fall to the floor. Then the doorbell rings and she opens the door. It's Alex.

Hety: Hello! How are you?!

Alex: Fine! How have you been?!

Hety: Having fun.

She points with her arm the two dead bodies.

Alex: I see! Nice decoration to your iggy! But it will start smelling bad soon.

Hety: I know. You think you can help me taking them to the big trash can?

Alex: Sure.

Hety drags one corpse and Alex drags the other to the big trash can. Then they both sit and talk.

Alex: I'm gonna ask you if you want to join Angie and me on a quest to kill a thousand pookies.

Hety: Really? Why?! I mean, I would like to join you but only tell me why.

Alex: It's because Angie and me weren't accepted to join the PHD because they only want to do prptests and we prefer to do abuse. As well as you, so that's why I'm asking for your help.

Hety: Of course I want. When do we start?

Alex: As soon as possible. I was told by my friend Agent Club, who is the Second in Command of the Pookie Hater Defense, that if with that quest, we prove that abuse works better to celan up the island than protests, we're in and the PHD changes its method.

Hety: Great! So, what are we waiting for?! If we don't succeed, we would have had fun anyway!

Alex: Wait, not so fast. To do a so ambitious project we need to plan it very accurately. I've though about attacking first the pookie's weak point.

Hety: The Pet Shop?

Alex: Yes. But I want it to be in a very peculiar way. An event that goes to the newspapers' front page.

Hety: Okay, I've just had an idea.

The scene ends and the screen shows inside the Pet Shop. A girl pookie is seen waiting for a mumu but gets bored and decides to go out to walk. She is seen walking through the Plaza and the scene ends.

The next scene takes place in the radio station.

Radio speaker: We have just recieved reports that a girl has just disappeared. I repeat, we have recieved reports from the police about a girl who went missing some minutes ago. Her description is like that: yellow tied hair, a pink boa on her neck, a light blue dress, pink rabbit slippers and a teddy bear on her hand. If you see her, take her immediatley and make us know about it. And make sure she doesn't get scared when you take her.

Then it shows inside the newspaper factory and the front pages of the newspapers say this.


This scene shows inside the Pookie Protection Program headquartrs. Agent Omega X and Agent Unknoen goe to agent VeggiePuff.

Agent Unknown: Agent VeggiePuff

VeggiePuff turns around.

Agent VeggiePuff: Yes.

Agent Omega X: Have you heard about the disappearance of the pookie Stella?

Agent VeggiePuff: Of course I have. It's in all the radios and newspapers. Everyone knows about it.

Agent Omega X: Yes. Everyone in the island knows and we do nothing.

Agent Unknown: You maybe know that she was last seen in the Pet Shop.

Agent VeggiePuff: Yes I do.

Agent Unknown: We are gonna give you the task of goint to the Pet Shop and observe if anything strange happens iside it.

Agent VeggiePuff: Oh. So basically it is to protect it.

Agent Omega X: Yes. And we're gonna sent fifty agents along with you so that the Pet Shop is completely protected. We are not gonna tolerate the disappearance of any other pookie.

Agent Unknown: While you do oyour task, we're gonna keep searching for Stella.

Agent VeggiePuff: Okay. This is gonna be great.

Agent Unknown: You're not gonna be armed as pookies who see you could get scared by the guns. At least you choose to take katanas.

Agent VeggiePuff: Really? What are katanas?

Agent Omega X: They're a type of Japanese sword that was formerly used by the Samurais. It is considered as the most deadly and sharp sword in the whole world. They were supplied by the Sensei.

Agent VeggiePuff: Well, it's gonna be really great. But I sugest that my men are not seen walking around the Pet Shop.

Agent Omega X: That's what we're planning. You're gonna be inside there alone and watch all that happens. And if there's a big threat, you press the button in your radio and your men will come in with their sword on their hands. They're all gonna be in the Puffle Hotel and will come in by the door that connects the hotel with the Pet Shop. You're also gonna have your own katana.

Agent Unknown: Okay, you better start now before anything bad happens again.

Agent VeggiePuff: Okay, let's go!

The nest scene shows inside Alex and Angie's igloo. Angie is Playing Forza Motorsport 5 in her Xbox One and the bell rings. She opens and it's Hety and Alex.

Angie: Hello there!

Hety: Hi! Long time no see!

Angie: Come in!

They both come in and sit in the living room. The igloo is very glamorous. Angie brings three Cokes to the table in the middle.

Hety: I've already had an idea for the incial attack of our quest, which will be at the Pet Shop.

Angie: At the Pet Shop? Isn't that a little bit risky? Because after the disappearance of the pookie Stella maybe it's more portected by the Pookie Protection Program. I don't know.

Alex: Why don't you go there and see how it is?

Angie: Okay. I will see.

Angie is seen walking in the Plaza and enters the Pet Shop. There she sees any protection but agent VeggiePuff and an PPP agent talking. Then she goes to the Puffle Hotel and sees around 50 PPP agents chattering there.

The next scene shows inside Alex and Angie's igloo. Alex and Hety are talking.

Alex: Do you remember about those times?

Hety: Sure I do. Nice memories.

Angie enters the igloo with a girl pookie. Alex and Hety see it and pretend to be nice.

Angie: Welcome home! Honey!

Pookie: Mumu,

Angie: Yes, honey?

Pookie: Who are they?

Angie: She is your au au (which means aunt in pookie talk) and he is your uncle.

Pookie: Wewo!

Alex and Hety (wehile waving their hands): Hi!

Angie carries the pookie in a rude way and takes it to a wall. There she hits her head against the wall and the pookie starts crying.

Angie: Hahahahaha. You're so stupid. You turn (to Hety).

Hety: After Alex, otherwise he would have to hit a dead pookie.

Alex carries the pookie.

Pookie: Moo! Pwease! Moo!

Alex throws the pookie away and it hits the floor very hard.

Pookie: WAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Alex goes to it and kicks it in the floor several times.

Alex: Hety

Hety goes to it and takes it to the kitchen. There she puts her head in the faucet.

Pookie (while crying): Moo! Pwease! Mwe is good girl!

Hety turns on the faucet and heats the water.


After ten seconds Hety turns off the faucet and takes the pookie out which falls to the floor. Its face is red and it tries to cry and scream but can't because of the pain. Hety puts the pookie's head in the faucet again.

Pookie (speaking with a lot of pain): Moo! Pwease!

Hety turns the faucet on.


After twenty seconds the pookie stops screaming. Hety turns the faucet off and stops holding the pookie which falls to the floor dead. Its face is very red and roasted.

Angie: Let's take it to the big trash can.

Angie and Hety carrie it to the trash can in the backyard. Then they enter the igloo and go to the living room where Alex is.

Hety: God job. What did you see?

Angie:  At the Pet Shop I saw no one but agent VeggiePuff.

Hety has a flashback.

This scene is shows inside Hety's igloo. She is in the floor covered with blood and agent VeggiePuff hitting her.

Agent VeggiePuff: For the fourth time. You're arrested for pookie abuse. Fifth refuse is death.

VeggiePuff points at her head with his pistol. Hety quickly grabs a broken piece of chair leg and hits him in the groin at the exact time that he shoots but the shot hits the floor right next to her head.

Agent VeggiePuff: Aaaahh! Bith!

She quickly stands up and knocks him down. The flashback ends.

Alex (to Hety): Are you there?

Hety (very distracted): What? Oh! Yes, yes.

Angie: Is there something wrong?

Hety: I know VeggiePuff.

Alex: Really?!

Hety: He tried to arrest me about three years ago. When I refused he hitted me pretty bad and when I refused for the fifth time he tried to kill me.

Angie: What did you do?

Hety: I knocked him down and escaped my own igloo then when he went out looking for me I hid and spent the night outside, I walked a long way to the forest and slept at the cave. The next morning I came back without thinking that he could be waiting for me inside here. He wasn't there but I don't know why he never came looking for me again or any other agent. I didn't thought that he could come again. I never knew anything about him ever again until this moment. As he or any one ever came back I thought that he was retired, that maybe they had fired him for his fail.

Alex: Well, as we're planning an attack on the Pet Shop and he is the only one guarding it, it's your chance to get rid of him. It will be easy, if you were able to fight him alone, it will be much easier if it's three against him and the other ones are just stupid useless brats.

Angie: Actually it's not ony guarded by him. I went to the Puffle Hotel and there were like 50 agents that would be called by him if there's any big threath. And they're all armed with katanas.

Alex: You said katanas?

Hety: Do you remember?

Alex: Sure I do.

The scene ends and the next scene is a flashback. It appears in the screen FIVE YEARS EARLIER. it shows the Dojo's courtyard. Then it shows inside it. Alex, Angie and Hety are seen training hitting punching bags and the Sensei is looking at them.

Sensei: Stop!

They stop immediately and look at him willing to hear.

Sensei: It's enough for today. You three are one of the best students I have ever had. But there is still yet much to learn. You can go to rest.

The next scene shows a lot of times of them training. After ot ends, it appears on the screen FIVE MONTHS LATER. The Sensei is sitting in his big pillow and Alex, Angie and Hety are sitted in the floor before him.

Sensei: You have passed through a lot of years of hard training overcoming a lot of challenges and hard things with no willing to give it up. I now give you what all student who completes the whole training deserves.

He takes three black belts and gives them to Alex, Angie and Hety.

Sensei: But there's something more special, something that not all students but a few of them recieve from me. The best of the best ones. And you have really earned it. You are the biggest deservers of it.

He takes a long wooden bow and gives it to Alex, Angie and Hety. They open ot and there are three katanas.

Sensei: May you use it wisely and always for good.

Hety: Thank you very much master.

Sensei: There is nothing to thank. You have earned it. It is not a gift.

The scene ends. The next one takes place in the present. During the conversation that Alex, Angie and Hety were having.

Hety: I think I still have mine.

Angie (while standing up): I think I still have ours.

She goes to her room. Hety and Alex keep talking.

Alex: Why may they all be armed with katanas.

Hety: There's only one way which is they were students of the Sensei.

Alex: Well, at least VeggiePuff and the other ones...

Alex makes silence.

Hety: Those fucking, stupid, motherfuckers stole them.

Angie comes back with the three katanas.

Hety: I didn't know you had mine too.

Angie: Sure I did. When one day you came here and forgot it. You remember?

Hety: Oh! Now I remember!

Alex: What are we waiting for?!

Angie: Maybe tomorrow.

Alex: I think you're right.

Hety: It's like four o'clock.

Angie: Maye we should do it in the morning.

Alex: Tomorrow in the morning. Don't forget.

Hety: Okay. I will come here at nine o'clock.

Angie: Great.

Hety: I should be leaving.

Alex: Okay. Bye then.

Angie: Bye.

Hety stands up and leaves. The scene ends.

This scene shows inside the Puffle Hotel's first floor. Agt. VeggiePuff's security personnel are talking and joking indistinctly.

This scene shows the trio walking in a path in the middle of a forest which is full of trees.

Hety (while pointing with her arm): There it is!

The screen shows a majestic view of the Dojo from the buttom.

Alex: Well, that's pretty high.

Angie: Who cares? Let's go!

They keep walking and the the camera shows the long way they have to walk to get to the Dojo's stairs.

Now it shows inside the Puffle Hotel again. Agt. VeggiePuff's security personnel keep joking and making too much noise. Agent VeggiePuff comes in from the Pet Shop.

Agent VeggiePuff: Everybody listen up!

Everyone turns around.

Agent VeggiePuff: This is our first day! And our task will probably last a few months! So get prepared!

Agt. VeggiePuff shows his remote control.

Agent VeggiePuff: Each time I press this button an alarm will sound in the whole first floor of this building and the Pet Shop like this!

He presses the button and an alarm starts sounding and a red light starts going around. Then he presses it again and everything stops.

Agent VeggiePuff: Each time this happens means that there's a serious threat and everybody will cone to the Pet Shop with your swords in your hands. Get ready and let's start with this new security system.

The next scene shows the trio going upstairs in a lot of shots. When they finnaly get up they don't show very tired, just a little.

Alex: It wasn't so hard.

Hety: Yeah, it wasn't.

They start walking across the huge courtyard that is before the Dojo's huge doors but Hety's cell phone rings.

Hety: You just continue, I'll be there in a moment.

Alex and Angie keep going abd Hety takes her phone out of her pocket. In the screen it says 'Bon Chaos'. She answers.

Hety: Hello.

Agent Bon Chaos: Hey, hi. I'm gonna ask you for a favor.

Hety: Yeah? What is it.

Agent Bon Chaos: I want you to use all your abilities to pick a lot of pookies and bring them to me.

Hety: And what is that for?

Agent Bon Chaos: It's for Operation UnPookie. I'm leading an operation to create unpookies which are pookie robots that we will use for a lot of porpuses.

Hety: Okay, great. But look, um, listen, I'm plannibg something great, something that will make thst there's no need to take the pookies nicely, I will bring them by force.

Agent Bon Chaos: Well I would suggest you not doing it that way because you can call other people's attention.

Hety: Anyway what we're gonna do will call the attention of all the island.

Agent Bon Chaos: 'We'? Are you with someone else? And what are you gonna do that's gonna call everyone's attention?

Hety: I'm gonna do it with a couple of friends. We're gonna atrack the Pet Shop to sart a quest to kill a thousand brats to prove to the PHD that killing has much better results.

Agent Bon Chaos: Wow. Don't kill everyone so that you can bring the surviving pookies to me.

Hety: Okay. And where do I take them?

Agent Bon Chaos: I'll be at the PHD's main lab. It is in the igloo village but not in the headquarters.

Hety: But the igloo village is huge. In which part is it located?

Agent Bon Chaos: I'm gonna send you the adress.

Hety: Okay. Bye, then.

Agent Bon Chaos: Bye. And make sure that the survivors you bring are in good condition. Okay?

Hety: Okay. Bye.

Agent Bon Chaos: Bye.

The call ends.

Upcoming Movie:

  • In 2016, Pookies: The Involuted will maybe be the sequel to the original movie. And in 2017, No More Pookies: The Extinction.