• The rating is 17+ because of: blood and gore, intense violence, nudity (some Pookies were raped)
  • It will be done with animating systems.
  • It will be probably released in 2015 and the sequels in 2016 and 2017.
  • It was originally named Less Protest, More Abuse.
  • There are gonna be scenes inspired by scenes from other movies.
  • PPP agents don't like the idea of this movie because it shows pookies being tortured and killed. They also feel that it's like mocking the PPP as they feel that it shows their failures as a lot of pookie will be killed but the main idea is to show the pookie hater world from the very inside.
  • Some people are calling this movie a rip-off of the pookie movie because they get angry for being pookie lovers and the movie shows pookies being killed. But the one who had the idea, who is Agent Alex, didn't know that there existed a pookie movie and the only similar thing between the two movies is that they both have pookies.
  • Pookies: The Involuted, the sequel of No More Pookies, will probably be about a huge, terrifying and creepy prision owned by the PHD in an unknown island in which they hold thousands of pookies as prisoners and do experimets with them to see if there is a way to make them evolve until they are like normal penguins.