Operation B.A.N.K.S.H.O.T
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Solo? No
When June 28, 2014
Free Rewards(s) $1000 & Upgrades
Location Outer Space
Special Agent(s)  ?

Operation B.A.N.K.S.H.O.T is an operation that took place on June 28, 2014 and required to steal gear in order to make a high-tech device called the "Fookie Satellite" which would spray a mass spray of "Fookie Powder" over Club Penguin Island/Antarctica. All creatures breathing it in would be harmless, but all pookies would be cured as they inhaled.

This mission required PHD agents going into space.


Operation B.A.N.K.S.H.O.T stands for:

B = Begining

A = A

N = New

K = Knot

S = Satellite

H = However

O = Omega

T = Takes


After Agent Club went into space in Operation Protobot, he had an idea of a device that sprayed powder all over Club Penguin Island which can cure pookies of their pookieism, a day later he wanted to make an mission for it and will require alot of people to make it.


6/04/14 - Agent Club announces the mission.

6/28 -  6/29/14- Nothing happeded on these days.

6/30/14 - After Agent Club was inactive for a bit, he told everyone to get the items they needed in order to get the satelite going. Agent Bongi6 decided that in order to get the butter for the Fookie Cakes, Agent Unknown, Club, and him would need to rob a store. After Agent B told Agent Club his location, Agent Omega X found out where he is.

7/1/14 -  Agent Bongi6 and Club are able to get the ingredients for the Fookie Cakes, and they get out of the store. Agent Bongi6 is captured by Agent Omega X while Club secretly freed him, and Bongi6 burns Omega on a building (but he isn't affected yet he acts as if he was), then takes him to the EPF jail. Omega X then escapes and takes everything the PHD Agents stole, but Bongi6 gets it back, and flies Agent Club and him into space. Then with Agent B's help, Agent Club made the fookie cakes. Agent B asignes Agent Corn to go out and get loads of fookie powder.

7/2/14- Agent B and Agent Corn buy fookie powder, but run into Omega X. They fight, but then they save the fight for the another time. Agent B and Corn come back, only to find out that a poor penguin had taken it, for food. Meanwhile, Omega X found out that he forgot to install tracers on them so they could analyze the PHD HQ's defense and break it. Agent Club And Agent B buy some powder, and bring it to the spaceship hideout. They then break into the PPP HQ, and steal rechargeable cells, and communication devices. They beat Omega X,  they leave the HQ to the igloo, but three PPP agents come, and then they start fighting. Then Omega X came back and revealed he was in the past present and future at the same time. So Agent B and Club run away, but Agent Corn is captured.

7/3/14- Agent B and Club find out that Corn was captured, and they attempt to save him, but Omega X comes. Omega X tries to attack, but disappears because he can't control his powers of being in past, present, and future. Agent Club frees Agent Corn, and they go back to Bongi6's Spaceship Hideout. Then they get a call from Omega X, and he said that they were lucky he accidently time leaped, but he is trying to learn how to control it. He tries to say something else, but instead he farts, and they cut the call. Meanwhile, Agent B disguises himself as Agent Joystick, and pretends to be Agent Joystick at the PPP HQ. Agent B (disguised as Agent Joystick) tries to find out what Omega X's weakness is; Agent Unknown also comes and helps the mission.

7/4/14 Agent B fails to find out about AOX's weakness, because a robot that he created thought that it was supposed to impersonate, but the robot that came was at first thought to be the real Agent Joystick. Agent B reveals that he was impersonation the whole time, and that he had kidnapped the real Agent Joystick. Agent Omega X, instead, finds out that Agent B is infected. He shoots at B, and then takes him to a special chamber where he discontaminates Agent B. Once that's done, Agent Omega X takes Agent B to his igloo. After an hour of sleeping, Bongi6 tells Agent Extreme and Agent Unknown to help him get the radar equipment and the aliminum.

7/5/14 Agent Extreme goes to the Penguin City Factory, and buys aliminum. Meanwhile, Agent Omega X tries to think of a plan to rescue Agent Joystick, while Agent Unknown thinks of a plan to get the last thing the PHD needs - the radar equipment.

They later get the radar equipment, and cure many pookies. However, the satellite doesn't cure all pookies, and there are still more. Then the mission is complete.

What You Will Need To Do

In order to make the Fookie Satellite, you will need:

  1. Radar Equipment
  2. Fookie Cakes
  3. Fookie Powder (Lots)
  4. A Power Source
  5. Communication Devices
  6. Central Control System
  7. Rechargeable Cells
  8. Aluminum

PHD Agents Taking Part of This Mission

  • Agent Club
  • Agent Alex
  • Agent Bon Chaos
  • Agent Unknown
  • Agent Glade1
  • Agent Bongi6
  • Agent Veggiepuff
  • Agent Extreme

Enemy Agents taking part on this Mission

  • Agent Omega X
  • Agent Joystick (PPP Agent 1)
  • PPP Agent 2
  • PPP Agent 3


  • Its core is made from crushed Fookie Cakes sprayed with Fookie Spray, coupled with Fookie Powder for good measure.
  • It is intended to get rid of pookies forever.
  • To make it complete you need to shoot it with a fookie ray.
  • We might use Agent Bongi6's Spaceship Hideout for the control system.
  • Agents will get special rewards for completing this mission.
  • There will be a meeting for this mission.
  • This mission was announced by Agent Club on June 5, 2014.
  • Bongi6's Spaceship Hideout might be used in the mission, since Agent Bongi6 let them use it.

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