Operation: Keyboard is a mission that began on July 5, 2014. The SPA is trying to stop Agent Extreme from stealing Keyboard, so that it won't harm the PHD. Agent Bongi6 will be helping Agent Extreme capture Keyboard. The mission roleplay thread is here.


7/7/14- Agent Bongi6 is able to find Keyboard at the Outback Pond, and he puts a net tied with a rope to a tree, and puts a pizza as bait. Keyboard comes to it, and gets kidnapped by Agent Bongi6. Ballono tries to stop this, but Bongi6 flies to Extreme's lab. Agent Extreme then locks it in vibranium cell. Agent Bon Chaos comes in and uses a taser on Extreme, but Bongi6 escapes with Keyboard. Bongi6 convinces Keyboard not to help pookies, but secretly Keyboard doesn't believe him. Meanwhile, Agent Extreme appears in the SPA prison. He calls Agent B for backup, but Bongi6 needs backup too, and he can't help right now. So Agent Extreme calls Extremebot and Robo-Bongi6 to free him. Agent Bon Chaos hides from them because they are the most powerful robots. But they are knocked out because the Robo Bongi6 he sent was actually just the prototype, and Extremebot was sabotaged. The real Robo Bongi6 came with Bongi6 to capture Ballono, and save the PHD HQ. Meanwhile, Ballono guessed the password, and it was correct. Ballono tricked the scientist into thinking he/she was a PHD Agent. The Scientist told Ballono that "Keyboard" was in the testing chamber. But then Robo-Bongi6 came into the HQ with Bongi6 inside him, while his mech form was on. Bongi6 told the Scientist what was going on, and captured Ballono, and it turned out Keyboard was in one of Bongi6's containment cells. Bongi6 put Ballono in one of them. But Omega called, and Ballono revealed their location. Omega tricked Robo Bongi6 into freeing Ballono, but Ballono was frozen again. Agent Unknown came. Agent Extreme, Bongi6, and Unknown went to sleep at their igloo (Bongi's Spaceship Hideout isn't his igloo home), and Omega came and freed Keyboard and Ballono. They woke up, and Bongi6 told them that they escaped. Then the mission failed. (for the PHD) But it is being continued in agent Extreme's latest mission- Continuation of Operation Keybord.

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