Operation Kidnap is the mission that continues the storyline of Operation Keyboard.  Agent Extreme and Agent Bongi6 continue to attempt to capture Keyboard and try to prevent the SPA from rescuing Agent Joystick.

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AE and AB have cloned Robo Bongi6 and Extremebot to make an army of them. AB plans on making robot clones of keyboard to be part of the PHD. Robo-Kitty knocks out Agent Omega X and is joining the PHD. Two hedgehogs are trying to destroy the SPA. AB created many robot versions of keyboard.


AE found Saturn, one of the hedgehogs, and defeated him. Agent Extreme found out Robo-Kitty's plans, and made the original Extremebot destroy her. Robo-Kitty was powerful, but was no match for Extremebot. AE called Agent Bongi6 to come back, and he was informed that he was able to make thousands of robot versions of keyboard to work for the PHD. The he came back. AE and Saturn formed an alliance to defeat Omega X. Saturn and Mercury attacked the PPP, and they plan to betray the PHD. Ballono brings in KLA agents to defeat the PHD. AE releases the robot army to defeat them, and locks them in a vibranium cell. They plan to attack the KLA HQ. They together, defeat the KLA agents, and destroy the KLA HQ power generators, and destroy the KLA. AB and AE defeat Mercury and Saturn, and make robot versions of them. But the real Mercury and Saturn escape. AB and AE team up with Omega X to defeat them. They go to SlugTerra to get equipment to defeat them while Saturn and Mercury destroy 99% of the Club Penguin Island with a Fusion Shot using two of their strongest slugs.


Agent Extreme and Agent Club, guided by Agent Omega X, get a gun and some slugs each to fight Saturn and Mercury. Once they get the necessary equipment, they head towards Club Penguin again, only to find it destroyed by a Fusion Shot (check 7/9/2014 for details). Agents Omega X, Extreme and Club engage Saturn and Mercury in a SlugSlinging duel and win. They then return to their respective HQs. Agent Extreme frees Ballono and helps him rebuild the KLA. Agent Extreme tries to kill Agent Omega X, but he hits a plushie. The real Agent Omega X prisons him in the SPA HQ. Omega X makes a deal with Agent Club and Agent Bongi6 to trade Agent Extreme for Agent Joystick. Mission was a fail and a success at the same time, since Keyboard was captured and the PHD made robot copies for success, and Keyboard, Joystick, and Ballono was freed for a fail.


  • This is the only mission Agent Extreme has been imprisoned in but it would've been much harder is he was aware due to his years of experience in Combat and specialists.

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