Operation S.P.E.E.D is a mission that Agent Bon Chaos will find the infamous Speedguin1 and study her to get her files to make Speedguin2, a clone that will destroy her original. This mission started on May 23, 2014.


Operation S.P.E.E.D stands for:

S = Study

P = Pookies

E = Everyday On

E = Evil

D = Divas


5/23/14- The mission starts.

6/15/14- It looks like the trail has gone cold,but Agent Bon Chaos finds that Speedguin1 has added him onto his friend's list.

What Will You Need To Do

The mission will have an agent to find and study her to get the files we need to make Speedguin2, a clone of Speedguin1.


  • This will be a solo mission.
  • The person who will be doing this mission is Agent Bon Chaos.
  • This mission was announced by Agent Club on April 9, 2014.