PHD Agents are the agents who work for the Pookie Hater Defense. The Agents who currently work for the Agency can be viewed below.

Current PHD Agents

NOTE: If there is an "IN" next to their name, it means they are inactive. If there is a "ACT" next to their name, it means their active. If there's a "R" next to their name, it means they have officially resigned from the PHD Agency. If there's a "B.F" it means the agent has been blocked by FANDOM. If there's just a "B", it means a PHD Admin has blocked that agent from the PHD Wiki only. Please note that not all agents are on this list and that the list may not be updated as of yet. If there is a "F" next to their name, it means that the agent has been fired from the PHD. If there is a "B.T" next to their name, it means that have betrayed the PHD. If you see a "SA", it means they are semi-active.


Main Article: How to Join PHD

To join you will have to:


  • For joining us, you'll be added on the list.
  • If you do a good job, then you get promoted. You wil also start at the Hater rank, and you will end up on the Captain rank, where you'll get access to the PHD archives.

Abuser Branches

The agents can specialize in five branches, once they join they are given a choice to which branch they want to go on, otherwise they will inmediately join the Fire Aura branch. These are all the branches the agents can specialize in:

Fire Aura - Lead by Agent Bongi6

These abusers go out on the field and skill pookies physically, this branch is mostly for skilling pookies. They will mostly likely use the Infrared Tracker and they also get the Fire Aura uniform and undercover clothes. Those who join this class will receive the PHD suit for free when they join. This branch is the counterpart to the PPP's Flaming Heroes Division.

No. of Agents:

  • Agent Glade1
  • Agent California
  • Agent Heather
  • Agent Mumble
  • Agent Viva
  • Agent Rox
  • Agent Vlad

Heaven - Lead by Agent Club

These abusers are good at hiding and can skill pookies really well. They can also have invisible tech for disguising themselves and have several disguising uniforms, like the box disguise or the tree costume and can trick pookies into thinking that they are benivet things for them, when really they are traps for pookies. This branch is the counterpart to the PPP's Undercoverers Division.

No. of Agents:

  • Agent Veggiepuff
  • Agent Nightwing (Night)
  • Agent Bongi6 (Sometimes)
  • Agent Awesome

Phazed - Lead by Agent Jonie

These abusers are more specialized in researching, communication, and studing. They keep in tract of studing pookies and they keep in touch of the PHD's important people like the Director and they also recive their instructions and they also where high tech communication equipment like the EPF earpiece or the PHD Handbook for better use. They also go on the PHD chat to chat with their other classmates and start studing for important stuff and maybe important divas and they also have a quite a few conversations and they will also start studing about the PPP's motion every so often. This branch is the counterpart to the PPP's Texting Masters Division.

No. of Agents

  • Agent Nightwing (Day)
  • Agent Era
  • Agent Jonie

Rustic Ruins - Lead by Agent Extreme

These abusers are specialized in weapons and combat and fight protectors physically and will also use their weapons for skilling pookies, but they are quite advanced, and carry weapons with them and fight mostly the PPP's Tactical Protectors and use long rang weapons and are quick and fast too. Some may work use the PHD Weaponary for skilling pookies too and also try to do their very best, this branch is the equivalent to the PPP's Visual Contact Division.

No. of Agents

  • Agent Bongi6
  • Agent Extreme
  • Agent Vortex
  • Agent Boo
  • Agent Alpha
  • Agent 300

Chaoz Fantasy - Lead by Agent Vortex

These abusers are known as the "brain of the PHD". They are quite smart and know how to make technology by heart and can use technology to skill pookies, like skill bots (virus sent to the protector's HQ). Those who want to join this class will become more stronger in front of a computer instead on the battle field and file bots can also steal data and they wear high tech equipment and know how to make abusers stronger by using their technology, this branch is the equivalent to the PPP's The Future Division.

No. of Agents:

  • Agent Black Puffle
  • Agent Alyssa
  • Agent Dart
  • Agent Slash

Vengeance Outlaws - Lead by Agent Vengeance

These abusers are upfront and quick. They can be stealthy and are quite strong. Using armor and weapons provided by their leader, they pack a punch. They have to know how to work technology because Agent Vengeance thinks she's a tech expert. The agents who join this must become more advanced in technology and fighting. They usually wear Spectrolite Armor and use upfront and heavy artillery such as miniguns and machine guns. 

No. of Agents: 

  • Agent Vengeance

Rampage Bringers - Lead by Agent Berserk

A category of Agents that always use sheer brute force and violent techniques to destroy their enemies. Instead of using stealth and sneaky techniques, those Agents rushes their opponents all armed and take them head on like predators on their preys. Rampage Bringers Agents tend to rely on their own strength and close range weapons, rarely use pistols and snipers but fire and explosions, they even destroy buildings. Although they look dumb, all of them are very wise and intelligent. The strongest branch in term of strength level and martial arts experience. Rampage Bringers are known to be able to tank the strongest hits such as missiles, bullets and huge blasts. They are expert in every martial arts.

No. of Agents

  • Agent Berserk
  • Agent Blox
  • Agent Zuras


Here are all the ranks that you can get to:

  • Cadet (Is in training).
  • Agent (Can control 0 troops, when you first join).
  • Inactive (When your half fired or not being active anymore)
  • Banned (When an agent has broken a part of the PHD policy and can not return for a certain amount of time or forever).
  • Elite Agent (Can control 100-250 troops) (When you skill 50 pookies).
  • Sargent (Can control 250-500 troops) (When you skill 100 pookies.)
  • Commander (Can control 500-1,000 troops) (When you skill 150 pookies).
  • FIC (4th in command of the entire agency, only one penguin can be this. Can control all except higher rank). (When you skill 200 pookies).
  • TIC (3rd in command of the entire agency, only one penguin can be this. Can control all except higher rank). (When you skill 250 pookies).
  • SIC (2nd in command of the entire agency, only one penguin can be this. Can control all except higher rank). (When you skill 300 pookies).
  • Supreme Director (Is the leader of the agency, only one penguin can be this, can control all the Pookie Hater Defense and troops).


  • Agent Club was the first agent to join the PHD, and second if you count Blu Bell as the first agent.
  • After Agent Club improved the Wiki that Blu Bell made, more agents started to join the PHD.
  • After the retirement of Agent Club and the shut down of Club Penguin, no agents to only a little joined the PHD.
  • There is around 65 Agents who have ever joined the Pookie Hater Defense. There are some possible more.
  • The PHD is currently coming into an end: 3 big Agents have quit the PHD.

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