This is a list of branches or groups in Pookie Hater Defense. There are three types of branches. If you do not have a branch, you have the choice of joining the agency.


  • Marines
  • Navy
  • Air Force


The Marines, also as a marine corps or naval infantry, are an infantry force that is used for agents. They get all kinds of weaponary, they are currently spreading across Club Penguin Island to keep the island safe mostly the Plaza which this has forced Pookie Hater Defense to create a navy. They can also go to the Pet Shop to skill pookies and help puffles.


The Navy, or a maritime force is a fleet of PHD vessels that is used to transport agents and wepons to other lands. It is well known that pookies are spreading across Club Penguin Island, to defeat the pookies in other lands. They get all kinds of ships and vessels to go with them. They can also help puffles and normal penguins when needed.

Air Force

The PHD Air Force or an air army, is the PHD military organization that primarily conducts aerial warfare. There are about twenty aircafts but however pookies don't do battles in the air. However, some Pookie Agents can pilot aircrafts.