This is a list of pages of the PHD study handbook who joined Pookie Hater Defense.

Pages (Chapter 1)


This handbook was devolped on 8 February of 2014, it was made for agents of Pookie Hater Defense and will also be for pookie haters who hate pookies, however if you're from the Pookie Protection Program (PPP), you will not get this handbook or undercover, this handbook was made for haters to dislike, skill, etc.

-Pookie Hater Defense


Congratulations new agent, you now have become one of us, so lets begin with this handbook in order to get you started. If you don't know what this agency is for, we'll tell you. This agency is dedicated to wipe out all pookies of Club Penguin Island and protect the normal species: Penguins, Puffles and Chicks, but in order to let that happen you will need to skill "kill" pookies all around, we usually go to the Pet Shop to skill pookies or anything harmful to pookies and work your way up too become the greatest hater ever.

Getting Started

Now lets get you started to become an offical PHD agent, you will need to wear uniforms or such and either join the PHD branches to see what type your in for.

NOTE: If you want to be a PHD Marine click here, or if you want to see the clothing click here.

Pookie Hater Defense Policy

The Pookie Hater Policy is the honour code of the Pookie Haters, they are forced to follow these rules otherwise they'll be fired.

  • Trust no one.
  • If you turn out to be a secret pookie lover, you will be fired immediately.
  • If a Pookie asks for help then abuse it, torture it, take it or kill it.
  • Infilitrate mumu's or dada's igloo's when necessary and when the fam fam gets home jump out and kill the pookie, but don't let them see you before, if you fail kill the owner.
  • IYou have to kill the mumu, dada and other fam fam members too so the pookie doesn't get any help.
  • Pookies always go to the Pet Shop to be picked. So go in disguise as a nice numu/dada/biggy and pick a pookie, then when you get home abuse it, torture it, keep it as hostage or simply kill it.
  • Never EVER lead someone to the HQ since they will find out about the agency and will inform the PPP and/or the EPF.
  • NEVER REVEAL THE AGENCY'S PLANS. Do not reveal this to ANYONE, not even trusted members of the PHD. We can't take that risk. 
  • If you are catched helping a pookie you will be fired. Unless you are doing it for the pookie to trust you and later abuse it, torture it or kill it.

Our Goal

We need to stop the pookies once and for all.


  • This is the pages for the PHD Handbook.
  • Only Pookie Haters can read this handbook.