POOKIEEES!!! is a song against pookies composed by Agent Alex that will probably appear in the movie NO MORE POOKIES!!!. It was made so that it fits the music of the song Heaven on Their Minds from Jesus Christ Superstar.



You’ve started to believe

That it is possible

For a pookie to live

Forever happily

And everyone of you

Will soon get swept away

You are nothing but a problem and a big plague

Listen pookies, I don’t like what I see

All I want is that you never exist

And remember

I’ll act so that it becomes real

You have set it all on fire

You think you are very cute

But I’ll hurt every time I can

I remember when this whole thing began

No problems then, then no one hated you

And believe me

My hate for you will not die but you will

But every thing you do today

Is always found as a problem

And I’ll kill you every time I can

All pookies, each one of them

Should have never come to life

If it would have been like that

It would have been good

Pistols, knives and all weapons

Will be used to kill you all

I will cause nobody harm

No one alarm

Listen pookies, do you care for your kind?

Don’t you see you must keep in your place?

I am after you

Have you forgotten how put down you are?

You are gonna fear me

For I’m getting much too mad

And I’ll crash you every time I can

Every time I can

Listen pookies to the warning I give

And remember that I will kill you all

But it’s sad to see your people

Still wandering all around

Pookie lovers are blind

Too much demons on their minds

The Pet Shop was nice but now it is sour

And yes, it’s all gone sour

Listen you brats to the warning I give

And remember that I am after you

So come on, come on

You won’t listen to me

Anyway, I’m gonna kill you

Come on, you must die now

You are not a bit worth