PP Scale is a type of scale in which how dangerous pookie protectors are, there are five types that you got to look out for.

PP Scale:

  • Pookie Protector (Normal)
  • Pookie Captain (Medium)
  • Pookie Consigliere (Bad)
  • Pookie SIM (Very Bad)
  • Pookie Director (Really Powerful)
  • Pookie ??? (Devastating)

Pookie Protector:

Protectors are the normal ones and usually try to vandalise our wiki and protect pookies, they are the most common, they protect pookies from us, evil mumus, MELDs, etc.

Protectors are the least dangerous and the most basic out of all the five. Their rank is Normal.

Pookie Captain:

Captains are dangerous but not as dangerous as Consiglieres, SIMs, and Directors. Captains are a type of protector that can command up to ten protectors they can be quite dangerous at some points, and some can be found vandalising this wiki and can also rescue pookies.

If you see a captain make sure you warn an agent or a director, their rank is Medium.

Pookie Consigliere:

Consiglieres are bad, they can defened 50 pookies, rescue pookies, and make protectons. They also can usually go undercover and try to go on disguse on us. If you see a consigliere warn a agent, or a director.

They may also can recive ideas about the agency and they can talk to the director so he/she can approve them. Their rank is Bad.

Pookie SIM:

SIM's (Second In Command) are extremly dangerous and harmful, they have 100 defends and they have the Director's trust they are very bad and the second most dangerous pookie protector. Agent Unknown used to be the SIM, but he quit and started the Robber Penguin Agency. Agent Nugget is now in his place.

If you see a SIM make sure you warn an agent or a PHD director, their rank is very bad. You may need to watch out for them.

Pookie Director:  

The Director is bascially the leader of the agency and the most dangerous of all, they can shut down our wiki, the only known directors of the PPP have been Agent Omega X and Agent Pink, if you see the Director around warn an agent or a PHD director.

Their rank is Really Powerful.

Pookie ???:  

A secret rank has been revealed to exist, but it's also been revealed that the only one capable of EVER having this rank is Agent Omega X. If you see him around, warn a PHD Director.

Their rank is Devastating.


  • Protectors are the least dangerous while directors are the most dangerous.
  • SIMs can also shut down our wiki, be very careful of that.