A mumu, a dimwit that adopts pookies (A.K.A poopies).


The current Pet Shop.


The Pet Shop's interior.

The Pet Shop is the main pookie "adoption center", since all pookies live here before getting adopted, or I guess "picked".

Puffles live here too, but no one is really adopting the puffles much now... might as well call it the "Pookie Shop". Before pookies came here the pet shop was just once a place to adopt puffles and not pookies, and now its crowded and everyone is adopting pookies. Many haters nowadays wish to have a Pookie Shop since many haters like puffles a lot.

If pookies run away, they just return here. They also return here after their owner logs out, so they can find a new owner. Pookies are usually found on severs with 4-5 bars, such as Blizzard. They never go in safe chat servers because they can't talk in safe chat.

We always go here to make pookie protests, we say things like "NO MORE POOKIES" but we are always arrested/stopped by poilce or the pookies protectors, who work for the Pookie Protection Program. They also stand guard to protect the pookies. This is where pookie protesting mostly happens. Others can appear in the stadium or school.

The Pet Shop is now crowded by pookies, mumus, uppies, and biggies, the Pet Shop is nothing like it used to be.

Agencies like the Puffle Protection Program makes sure the pet shop accomplishes its purpose and not another purpose. In Club Penguin Island there is no pet shop, but its thought that it will come in November, and that pookies would kill to get in, so Agent Code created the Penguin Puffle Union, to make sure that the future puffle's home doesn't turn into a daycare.