Pookie Annoyer Bot

What a Pookie Annoyer Bot might look like.

Pookie Annoyer Robots (PARs) are robots made by Agent Veggiepuff , designed to annoy Pookies.

What they Do

Pookie Annoyer Robots we made to annoy Pookies. One of the easiest things for them to do is get the silver whistle (available in the sports catalog) and wave a bunch of times. This can be even worse if you combine it with the silver bell or get other PARs to join you, but doing both can be devastating. Aside from dressing like robots, they can also wear Card-Jitsu items, items supporting Puffles and/or items scary to Pookies. They also say mean/annoying things to Pookies.


  • The Whistle and/or Bell attacks can be easily ignored by muting you sound.
  • They can also use weapons to skill Pookies.
  • They can also walk Puffles, but Black Puffles are the best choice.