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How It Started

At the end of January 2014, Club was annoyed by Pookies and he hated them so much, he decided pookies were a menace and needed to die. Later that next day (February 1, 2014) Club was browsing the internet after getting annoyed by pookies once again; since he disliked them a lot, he decided to create a wiki for hating pookies until he found this wiki called "The Pookie Protest Wiki", which Club checked out and decided to look around, Club began to express his hate for Pookies. The wiki didn't have that much pages which Club wanted to shape things up, he edited pages, created, and made his first mainspace wiki edit. As a couple days passed Club started to gain interest on this wiki and contributed for about a few days. The founder of the wiki was Blu Bell and let Club to create more pages to make it a better wiki. On February 8, 2014 an anonymous wiki contributor came to the wiki and called pookie haters stupid which at some point created a page called "Pookie Hater Defense" and "Pookie Hater Defense Weaponary", Blu Bell notices this and got an idea which then lead creating it into a real agency.


After Agent Club retired on January 9, 2016, the agency went downhill. No new missions were held, no new agents joined and the website where all missions took place was mostly abandoned with only a few people there attempting to keep it alive. Some people suggested that the agency should close due to its inactivity but people like Agent Extreme and Agent Unknown disagree with this. Both agents will attempt to revive the PHD sometime in 2017 (most likely Summer). The agency even went more downhill once Club Penguin was being shut downed forever in March of 2017, and was being replaced with Club Penguin Island. The agency was never revived in the Summer, with later Agent Unknown being inactive. There has been one attempt to revive the agency, using a mission called "Operation Rekindle" in March of 2018. Unfortunately, the mission never proccedded. So far the agency is some what active, with many members being inactive though as of June of 2018. Newer agents have joined and have also tried to revive the PHD, although it hasn't worked out that much.

How To Skill A Pookie

  • 'We sneak into a mumu/duh duhs home, hide behind something (closets). When the owner gets home with a pookie we jump out with a weapon (or bare hands) but you can kill owner too. We don't just wait ti'll the pookie says "sees name tag with violet eyes behind closet", or anything cute and we skill the Pookie.
  • Rarely, there will be a trap at someone's igloo. We will go to the pet shop and say things like "POOKIE DAYCARE AT MY IGLOO ON MAP!" Pookies may go to see it what it is only to find out that it is a torture place for pookies like the Pookie Hater Defence. Sometimes we will keep pookies as hostages.
  • We usually do stuff that makes pookies cry, scream, or shout. We insult them by throwing snowballs at them or throwing them to remote areas. We also create fake rumors about them and spread it to everyone, so other people will hate them and even kill the Pookies. We also steal or rip the pookies teddy, rockhopper plush, or golden elmos. Then we say "rips teddy". We also make angry mobs to skill or ban pookies.
  • Go to the petshop, skilling the pookie(s) and running away.
  • Torturing them to death, such drowning them, put them in a oven or strangle them.
  • When you encounter one, we say ''PUNCH POOKIE'' or ''Push Pookie''. You can say ''rip organs'' for bloody skills.

Reasons Why We May Hate Pookies

  • We don't like the fact that pookies get adopted in the pet shop, for it gets people to pay less attention to the puffles.
  • We think that pookies are offensive to orphans, for mostly being rich and having nice clothes before getting adopted. Overall, they mock orphans in real life.
  • When someone chooses a pookie they sometimes twirl the pookie and they say "weeee". We can get very annoyed when we see this.
  • Because we are prep haters, thinking that pookies are prep juniors.
  • Because we got an account banned by pookies.
  • Because they throw a fit.
  • Pookies takes all the place in a room, making other players unable to enter the place, especially the Pet Shop.
  • Because Pookie Tummies are unacceptable since they are related to childbirth, which is not allowed on CP.
  • Because we have a relative life in real life that hates pookies.
  • We mostly hate pookies because we find them annoying.
  • Because they don't speak properly, Pookie language is difficult to learn but also cancerous.
  • Because they sometimes commit suicide in roleplay (but most of them are gone forever).
  • Because most of them are sexist.
  • Because many of them are racist and some have spam racists quotes.
  • And some of them spam sexual contents.
  • They are all cancerous.
  • Because they are mean to us.
  • They mock real life diseases like cancer.

Types of Pookie Haters

  • Pookie Protesters: The most well known type. Someone who dislikes pookies for the reasons listed above. A Pookie Hater will not kill, they want them dead and banned, just spamming hate comments but can go into the other types (shown below). Here is some notable quotes: ''Death to all Pookies!'', ''They need to die!''.

    Those people are real Heroes.

  • Picketer Pookie Haters: They are people who just riot against pookies, not killing them. They are often seen in gang, most of them want the Pookies out of the Pet Shop for the Puffles. Most of them wear a helmet mine hat, like the Red Ragers gang and the Purple Republic. Quotes: ''No more Pookies!'', ''Leave this place/the Pet Shop!''.
  • Pookie Molesters: Those kind of Haters are acting like child molesters but some acting like perverts and even rape the Pookies. Although some Pookie Lovers claims they are pedophiles, Pookies aren't children since they mock real life babies and kids, the users in reality might be even over 20 years old, no one can tell who they are in real life. They are badly viewed and mistaken as pedos, rarely seen on Club Penguin but on other CPPS games, Free Penguin and are full of Molesters.
  • Scary Pookie Haters: They mostly try to scare pookies, not hurt them.  They may hide in igloos and pop out at the pookies, they may threaten to hurt them, use scary objects to scare them, etc. These Pookie Haters try to frighten the pookies and make them upset or cry. They usually have no intention in hurting the pookies or killing them but the way they disguise is similair to the Pookie Hunter (shown below). Known quotes: ''I'm gonna hurt ya, so run little girl/boy!'', ''What's wrong? You're lost, Pookie? Your mumu left you here forever and she will NEVER come back! *Pull knife out* (no intention of killing)''.
  • Pookie Killer: A well known type of Pookie Hater who wants to skill all pookies and goes around abusing them, like going into the Petshop and skill a pookie then run away or abuse them such as punch or kick the Pookies then skill the Pookies. Skillers don't usually hunt down Pookies but they can turn into a Hunter or Insane. Some quotes that Skillers use: ''SKILLS!'', ''PUNCH POOKIE''.
    Good person

    A Pookie who ''thinks she will survive with doctors'' but THERE IS NO DOCTORS AROUND. Pookies might tried to avoid death at many cost and use cheap roleplay like powers. But Pookies will never use powers since they are too weak. And the Pookie Hater you see is doing a good job. She might be a Violent Skiller, from what you can see.

  • Pookie Hunter: A type of Pookie Hater that hunts for pookies and search them in every servers and places/locations. When they find one, they either kidnap the pookie or take them to a dangerous area. They often lure them like asking if they want a teddy or free candy. Or saying that he is a brother/sister of a family member and he will help the pookie. Hunters can disguise into a mumu or dudu and decide to kill a pookie when entering the igloo. Some of them notice how the Fam Fam is "peaceful", then they feel sympathy and turn into a lover, which is absolutley unacceptable. Exemple: ''Hi there, want some candies? It's free, only for you!'', ''I'm your dudu/mumu's brother/sister/uncle/etc. and let me help you to go into your iggy!''.
  • Insane Pookie Killer (or Extreme/Violent Skiller) : A rare and not very known of Pookie Hater since their attitude and comments are so violent (and can be sexual) they are being reported to banned. They are often solo, rarely in groups of Pookie Haters. They all do like the other type of haters (above) but their most noticable technique is to skill the pookie in a gruesome and gore manners which is why they are called Insane. Rarely some Violent Skiller can go to the extreme, such as violate the pookie, dead or alive. They often disguise into mumus, because Pookies always are sexist and prefer mothers, being a dudu (daddy) is will be difficult to lure Pookies. Insane Skillers most noticable quotes: '' Beat pookie to death/Rip flesh of pookie(s)'', ''RIP ORGANS'', ''Bite and eats Pookie(s)!'', ''RAPE pookie (or dead body).''


Main Article: PHD Branches

  • Marines
  • Navy
  • Air Force

List of Agents

Main Article: PHD Agents

Pookie Hater Defense is a pookie-skilling agency for pookie haters, there are currently 33 agents in the PHD. Each of them are very skilled, and experienced haters.


Main Article: Pookie Hater Defense Study Handbook

This handbook is only given to agents who have joined the Pookie Hater Defense (PHD).

Weaponary We Use to Skill Pookies

See: Pookie Hater Defense Weaponary

  • Snow Laucher
  • Stealth Set
  • Tactical Set
  • Comm Set
  • Silver Sufboard
  • Whistle
  • Trusty Spear
  • Thunderblade


  • This agency is founded by Blu Bell.
  • A Pookie Hater and a PHD Agent are different: one is professional hater and skilledwhile the other is a casual hater with little knowing of how to hate Pookies.
  • If you want to join, please ask Agent Club/Club697 or any of the admins.
  • Our rivals are the Pookie Protection Program (PPP) and the Supreme Penguin Agency (SPA). Both agencies died.
  • Our allies are the Puffle Protection Program, The Penguin Puffle Union and the Robber Penguin Agency (RPA).
  • Agent Coco was formerly a PHD agent as he was about to threaten anyone.
  • Since CPR is popular, server like Blizzard and Sleet were invaded by Pookie. Haters have also return and the number is growing but most of them are Blizzard. Insane Skillers have also been spotted but only a few of them.


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