Unknown island

The secret island.

The PHD HQ was the headquarters of the Pookie Hater Defense, where pookie haters planed protests, built new inventions, and watched Club Penguin island, the headquarters were hidden in a farway small sandy island where Blu Bell's igloo is. Penguins can't access the island due to being very far away place, only PHD agents can access this island with teleporters.

How To Get Here

The island is a small sandy island located far north-west out of Club Penguin, this island can't be seen on the map; there is nothing else on the island except an ordinary looking igloo in the middle, if you go inside the igloo there will be nothing but a code panel on the wall, if you enter the code right, you would get a "O" on the screen panel and pass through underground; if you entered the code wrong, you'd get an "X" on the screen panel and lasers would at you and the alarm would go off.
PHD inside

The inside.

What We DidHere:

The HQ was our headquarters and also our hideout, we go here to make plans, protest, or how to skill pookies.

Here is a list of things we did here:


The HQ was destroyed by PHD agents during Operation S.A.V.E, this was done to prevent the EPF from discovering the HQ and accessing important PHD data. Everything of value was salvaged however, and the PHD will build a new HQ


  • PHD agents are only allowed in the HQ.
  • If a PPP agent or similar goes in the HQ they will be kicked out by security.
  • Bongi6's Spaceship Hideout is another hideout for the PHD.