Pookie Hater Defense Handbook

The Handbook

Pookie Hater Defense Study Handbook is the handbook where agents get after joining PHD.


The Pookie Hater Defense Study Handbook gives information, how to get started, and how to skill a pookie. It deals with any topic such as "No More Pookies" or "How To Make A Protest" and "List of Weaponry".

To get this handbook, one must join PHD and sign their name at the HQ.

NOTE: If your a pookie/lover, you will not receive this handbook or join PHD.

List of Pages:

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"Getting Started"

"Pookie Hater Policy"

"Our Goal"

"No More Pookies"

"How To Skill A Pookie"

"How To Make A Protest"

"List Of Weaponary"

"Pookie Protection Program"

"The Protectors"

"How To Make A Trap"

"How To Be A Hunter"

"List Of Ranks"

"Who to Obey"

  • (Add pages as you wish!)


  • Pookie Lovers, Pookie Protection Program agents, or something similar will not get this handbook.
  • You will also need to follow the Pookie Hater Policy, if you don't follow it, you will be fired.
  • Pookie Haters will also have to follow the handbook, if they have the time.