Here's a list of locations, to which pookies may go:

Where Pookies Usually Go

Pet Shop

The Pet Shop is usually the place where pookies go to. They always come into the pet shop and you will see pookies sitting on beds or the carpet, or pookies getting adopted "picked". You also might see some mumus or duh duhs in there too. It is the PHD's job to take it back and save the puffles.


Not only the pet shop has pookies, but in the Plaza you may see pookies running around and saying "runs so fast wittle heart can't keep up!". You will also see pookies entering the pet shop or pookies having a walk with mumus, duh duhs, or other relatives. Pookies have also not only taken over the pet shop, but the plaza as well. We also may torment pookies here too.

Coffee shop

The coffee shop plays a role similar to the pet shop in the mobile app. Pookies come here when they run away or want to get adopted. They are also seen here on the computer site when their mumu or dada wanna get them a drink. The coffee shop is the home to smoothie smash which people are ignoring for the sake of pookies. The PHD also skills pookies here. It is unknown why the Pookies stay at the Coffee Shop instead of the Petshop.

Pizza Parlor

The pizza parlor is an italian restaurant that is located by the pet shop, this is usually the common place for pookies to have lunch, dinner, or breakfast. Since their owner doesn't make dinner at home, they usually take their pookies here. Pookies may order an "elmo pizza", while the older ones usually stick to vegetarian/fish pizza or pasta, and always ice water. Some Pookie Hunters may go here as well to steal pookies as well while others put poisonous food in the Pookies's meals.

Other Places Where Pookies May Go

They can't be always in the pet shop, or the plaza center. They also could be roaming around CP as well. Here is a list of places they go as well:

  • Town: when a stupid fam fam are going to walk for shopping with their pookies.
  • Forest: most uppies are born there, some pookies runs from being hurt by going in that place.
  • Snow Forts
  • Cove
  • Pool
  • That Crappy place that CP made to replace the awesome Recycling Centre (the School)
  • Everywhere


  • Some users may also make adoption centers as well. Rarely a prep might make one.
  • Pookies always run away around CP, when we find one we either kindnap it or skill the pookie. Blizzard is always the best server to be picked in. Because it is almost always full.