Pookie Protection Program
Founded November 10, 2013
Closed Since 2015
Status Dead
Leader Agent Omega X
Headquarters Pookie Protection Program HQ
Alias(es) PPP (Pookie PP)

Pookie Protection Program (PPP) is a public agency that protects pookies on Club Penguin, it is the rival of the Pookie Hater Defense and the Puffle Protection Program.


On November 10, 2013, there was a sudden augment in Pookie Haters activity, and this led to a Pookie Riot. The agent known as Agent Omega X was able to stop the riot, but he realized that if Pookie Haters augmented like this, someone had to stop them. He worked hard during a whole week to build an agency and a HQ for it, but it needed a name. So he named it the Pookie Protection Program (since it still was a "prototype" agency) and proclaimed himself Director.

People wanted to join, and the agency started to grow, but Pookie Haters found the agency (it was at the Plaza between the Puffle Hotel and the Pet Shop before) and a massive battle started. The PPP loses, but their HQ was destroyed. They couldn't afford to be a homeless agency, so everyone used their own igloo as a base, and Agent Omega X's igloo as a communitary base and a Meet-up Room.

Recently, Agent Omega X went to solve "private business", as he said it, and left Agent Pink in charge until January 10, 2014.

Due to some discussions, abandons, and stuff, the PPP seemed to close its doors on the fateful date of January 15, 2014.

But on the same day, a rival was found. Agent Omega X decided to reopen the agency to help the pookies.

Agent Omega has also confirmed he's quitting the PPP.

What they do

The Pookie Protection Program is the Pookie Hater Defence's major enemy and they specializes in pookie protection, which the protectors skill the pookies, protectors, and families and their main goal is to stop us from cyberbullying and to allow the pookies to play safely, and also protect pookies. Their HQ is currently in Agent Omega X's igloo, pookie haters make fights called pookie protests and try to take back the pet shop.

Here is a list of what they do

  • Protect pookies and arrest us under cyberbullying charges.
  • Allow the pookies to play without being cyberbullied.
  • Some of them vandalize this wiki and spam.


See: Pookie Protectors

Anyone that joins this agency is called a protector, if someone joins PPP they will automatically be fired from PHD.


  • The PPP is public in contrast to the EPF, which is secret.
  • The agency was founded by Agent Omega X.
  • Their HQ is in Agent Omega X's igloo and it's also on the map.
  • Their SIC (Second In Command) was Agent Unknown until he quit on June 1, 2014 and joined the Pookie Hater Defense on the same day. Agent Nugget replaced him.
  • The PPP is currently DEAD.

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