Credit to the Pookie Protection Program Wiki

The PPP HQ is the Pookie Protection Program's Head Quarters, where they have the latest technology in protecting and watching. It's inside Agent Omega X's igloo.

Where is it?

It's "inside" Agent Omega X's Igloo, "in" the Tallest Mountain.

How do I enter?

When it's 100% operational, the igloo has a blue pookie bed which is made of two blue custom sofas. If you turn one of the wrenches in the bed, a hole in the floor opens and it swallows the bed, while a part of the wall opens revealing an elevator. Then, the PP must enter it's own private Password given to him/her after hearing of this elevator (because almost 100% of the Protectors think the igloo itself is the base) or else the elevator won't work. Then, the elevator does a full scan (brainwaves, blood, DNA, flipperprints, memories, etc.), and if it says "CLEAR", then the elevator goes down to the PPP HQ. Meanwhile, everything on Agent Omega X's igloo returns to normal.



It's the Split Level Igloo with many normal things: a Pookie Bed, a table with a PC, a library, some Card-Jitsu mats and some souvenirs from parties.


The Secret Base, but with the greatest high-tech styled furniture ever released. It's a few miles underground, below Agent Omega X's real Igloo.

What can be done here?

Here, the PPP watches over the whole island, specifically over places where pookies usually are. When something occurs to a family/pookie/nice mumu/nice dudu/other pookie related thing or person, the PPP sends a Protector to solve the matter. SInce there're many kinds of problems and Protector Divisions, we send a specific Division's Protector to solve a specific problem.