Pookie Protests is where we usually go into the Pet Shop and shout stuff like "NO MORE POOKIES" or "PUFFLES ONLY", we also skill the Pookies while doing it, PHD agents also skill pookies, and PPP agents usually arrest us and report us. The ban time is 72 hours, also EPF agents also stop pookie protests, however a user named Corn Sky sometime starts these kinds of protests (but he doesn't go bothering them anymore) and he also formed the Puffle Protection Program which protects puffles from puffle abusers. This agency is similar to the Pookie Hater Defense. The Puffle Protection Program is an allie of the PHD.

Corn Sky hasn't revealed who is working for his agency but he has announced it on the Corn Sky Wiki and the Puffle Protection Program Wiki.


  • Corn Sky has started very few of these protests in the past but doesn't really do it anymore.
  • People who work for the Pookie Hater Defense can chat on this wiki about protests.
  • As pookie haters, it is our job to save the pet shop, and skill the pookies.
  • Sometimes bans do occur and pookies get mad and throw fits


Club penguin puffle vs pookie madness (NO MORE POOKIES)

Club penguin puffle vs pookie madness (NO MORE POOKIES)