Cringe X3 -2

3 triplet Pookies, uncommon and rare due to being easy to kill in gang: they rely too much on their siblings and they can't run away without any them.

Pooken Floofen

A common Pookie: drama maker, attention seeker and uses bad words. And they said they are "the face of real life children..."

Pookie cphrase

Pookies on Club Penguin


This is a Pookie! Speedguin was notorious of being a MELD Pookie Diva.

Pookies (nicknamed as Pukies and Pookshits) are retarded and ridiculous beings in Club Penguin who are characterized because they are less intelligent than normal kids, they act like orphans, they always go to the Pet Shop to be picked, they speak wrong adding a lot of 'W's to their words and they have a small amount of words in their vocabulary. They also like Elmo and Dora and have a type dogs and cats as pets which they call 'uppies' and 'kitties' and are supposed to be much smarter than normal dogs and cats but that is a false, they still have a low intelligence. Pookies are always yellow and they are the most known and numerous type of baby in the game, the other one being chicks which are the normal babies and kids. Some pookies are selfish, dumb, and act like orphans for people to feel sorry for them and pick them despite they're not orphans, they only were put up for adoption by their mumu or dada so that they can pick another pookie. Orphan is when both parents of an underage are dead. They hatch from weird eggs that are different than normal penguin eggs, it is unknown where the eggs come from.

Most pookies only like females which is against the law in real life, one of the main reasons Agent Extreme makes fun of them, calls them Orphans, and makes them sad and cry, then he kills them after getting their hopes down.

Despite the fact there are "smart" Pookies, smart ones, in reality, know ONLY about Elmo's fur color and Dora's backpack (which makes them dumber than ever). Basically, no Pookies are smart and wise.

Keep in mind that Pookies are usually teenagers and even adults pretending to be baby penguins on a videogame, but always playing with inappropriate ways.

Pookies can be commonly found during the Afternoon and the Evening in Penguin Standard Time, in the same places they used to go.

It isn't completely known why Pookies are even called Pookies in the first place. It is also unknown where the word even orginated from as well. Some Pookie haters believe it is from the word "Spooky". Makes sense due to how scary Pookies are. Some Pookie Haters also believe the name originated from "Poop", which also makes sense due to how terrible Pookies are as well. It could also be from "poop" due to how pookies poop so much. The most likely reason is because Pookie is a slang term for cute, Pookies try to act cute, hence the name.

NOTE: Pookies have ''evolved'' and most of them on CPR are running away (or ignoring you) from being killed or tortured, which in original CP, they ''obey'' to any actions made on them. The Former Director of the PPP has even basically said that Pookies are learning to defend themselves anyways. Some Pookies can be killed, however they wil be back when you go away or simply log off and return.

Pookies on Club Penguin Island

Pookies are retarded cancerous beings on Club Penguin Island that are rarely seen (fortunately). Still there are many of them. They are characterized for being very dumb. They are kind of different to CPR pookies. They come in different colors, they are very rare, they cannot get a place to get adopted (because there is currently no pet shop on CPI), they have better made clothes (because of the clothing customizer), and they are very hard to skill. You can find one if you pay attention, they use a tutu and white tights (some come with white tights with a buckle decal), and often use words as "cries", "WAAAHH", "goo goo". Tummies on CPI are referred as bellys because of the filter, it is completely unknown if they exist on CPI.

NOTE: Pookies on CPI have never played Original Club Penguin and curiously still act like pookies. Because they have never played CP they do not know what skill means. It is very recommended by Agent Boo to Protest instead of skilling. Because the PHD is not active at CPI the Penguin Puffle Union in charge of hunting pookies.


  • They are a mockery to every real life orphans: Pookies claim (and they all clearly said it) to have no family and pretending to be poor and hungry but they are clothed like normal (or rich) penguins and often carries toys, plushies, make up stuff and even a bag full of their toys. You call that 'being an orphan''? And people are being blinded by their cringy attitudes...
  • They report people for nothing and only for their own selfish pleasure. That is why they got so many people angry at them and Pookies claim the did nothing, playing the fake victims. Pookie Lovers don't even care about those people who got banned for nothing and see them as the one who lies.
  • Like all kind of Pookies, Tummies are also a mockery to real life birth babies: the Tummy is like a human baby, being in the belly of the female for a few minutes, which is 9 months in reality so that is quite retarded. They even talk when they are inside of the mother, again unaccurate. Then they said ''tiny head pops out!'' and birth like a baby human. But penguins aren't born like humans: they hatched from eggs. And Tummies pretend to act like human babies which is too gross and cringe, they said ''WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!'', trying to mimic a newborn screaming. And the Tummy can walk just after his birth, talking words with ''W'' which makes no damn senses. Also they are breaking the rule of CP: stuff related to any sexual subjects is strictly forbidden. And that is why they are the most cancerous kind of all the Pookies.
  • Many people thinks Pookies and Divas aren't the same, even Divas being ''not Pookies at all'' stated by some lunatics. The truth is that all Divas are the real faces of Pookies: every Pookies' true and secret personality, acting ''cute'' and claim to did nothing but in reality they are all Divas.
  • Pookies thinks they talk like babies: putting ''W'' in all the words like ''Wewo'' means hello or ''hungwy'' means hungry, which is not only very cringe but real life babies don't talk like that. They all talk this way since their creation and it looks really idiotic.
  • In Petshops, Pookies were so many that they cause to lag the rooms, being unable to buy a damn puffle. And they are doing it on purpose. They also love to block doors for fun, which make people angry at them, then Pookie Lovers claim they did nothing wrong as always.
  • Spamming racist/homophobic quotes is something that all Pookies have in common, even saying sexual content without hesitation. And people think Pookies are "POLITE" in their speaking...
  • All Pookies needs attention because they are spoiled idiots that love being attention whores: when they feel alone and not loved, they will do anything to annoy anyone who see them.
  • An interesting yet disgusting fact about Pookies is they could be related to the infamous "Habbo Babies" on the well known game Habbo/Habbo Hotel, which is similar to Club Penguin in various ways, including being invaded by Habbo Babies/Pookies. Pookies and Habbo Babies have a lot of common: both spam quotes likes "pweaze adwopt mwe" or "can woo bwe mwe mwummy", both wear cute outfits (like pink clothes), most of them are girls like Pookies are and both are famous for having a bad reputation,and being very cancerous.
    Habbo Cancer
    While Habbo Babies are considered a bad thing and are completely extinct, Pookies are still alive in many CPPS games such as CPR, Free Penguin and Oasis. And Habbo Babies were way before Pookies, being in 2006-7 while Pookies were made in 2009, which it can mean Babies from Habbo decided to migrate to Club Penguin and put their ugly roleplays....
  • Businesmoose is a known former Moderator in the Club Penguin Staff Member to hate Pookies, being maybe the only one staff to noticed the Pookies. Rsnails do dislike the Pookies about their acting and behavior but it is yet to be confirmed. They are maybe the 2 Staff to hate Pookies.
  • They have their own language called "Pookiese" with their own Pookie Vocabulary as well.
  • No one knows why they are called Pookies or even where the word originated from.
  • Pookies even make an appearence on the Club Penguin Blog show called "Waddle On". The pookies were discolored, but in the show it a showed the main protagonist being scared off by a Pookie whenever the main protagonist saw one. This may also show that the Club Penguin Staff has acknowledged the Pookie's existence in Club Penguin and have a fear of them.

History of the Pookie's Creation

No one really knows who created Pookies in the first place. The only thing people do know, is that Pookies started appearing in late 2008, the around same year when Disney bought Club Penguin. In 2009, Pookies started to become popular. Nothing else is known about it. Operation T.I.M.E was a PHD mission surrounding the destruction of the first Pookie on Club Penguin.

However, rare those who knows the connection between Habbo Babies and Pookies.

Stages of life

  • Egg (no age) - An Egg on Club Penguin is a Pookie, uppie, and (very rarely) a kitty in an egg. They go to the Pet Shop and normally say "Free Egg!". If a mumu decides to adopt it, she will keep it warm until it hatches. If the egg does not get adopted, it may hatch in the Pet shop. After it cracks and hatches, the egg becomes a pookie/uppie/kitty. Not very common and it's rare to see Eggs. The eggs pookies hmatch from are notably different in color and shape from regular eggs, such as the ones chicks hatch from. It is unknown where the pookie eggs come from and how they got to Club Penguin. Despite having evolved from reptiles, cats and dogs hatching from eggs is weird, because they are mammals.
    Diva cancer

    All Pookies are the same, they are all Divas. Just like this one in this pic, causing drama.

  • Pookie Tummy (no age) - They are the complete opposite of Eggs. You can see a few in the Petshop, they are all unclothed, waiting and saying ''Iz fwee tummy!'' or ''need tum tum!''. They will start follow you when you choose them (if you are a mother) and will not talk for 5 minnutes until they said ''Is ready!'' which means you have to ''push!'' like a pregnant woman. They will say ''tiny head pop out!'', ''tiny arms pop out!'' and the so is the rest. Then they are all red since they are covered in blood and you have to clean them up. Since their method of birth is childbirth, it is very innapropriate in the game's rules. They are vulnerable when they are about to be out of the womb, you have to beat them and kill the mother, which is very simple. They are the most cancerous type of Pookies to ever exist. They are dumb because birds do not give live birth, they hatch from eggs.
  • Pookie (0-10) - Don't speak properly and have a cancerous vocabulary. low intellegence. Usually are put up for adoption at the Pet Shop so that their mumu or dada picks a different pookie. Act like orphans when put up for adoption. All yellow and easy to fool/kill with.
  • Prep (10-20) - Selfish. Think themselves as the best ones. Only think on themselves. Like to hang out at the stadium, university and Dance Club. Females think that they must have a boyfriend in the blue team.
  • Adult (20-50) - If they have any children they're called mumu if female and dada if male. Think that anyone who isn't in this life cycle is mean. Usually put up their pookie for adoption and pick a different one. Unusually keep their biological Pookie.
  • Old (50-around 70) - Grammy if female and grandpa if male. Final stage. They are easy to kill. Rare.
  • Death (at around 70) - Rare.

Around 80% of the ones who belong to this life cycle are killed by pookie haters. Arounf 20% Pookies dies from being old from age. And around 200% of the ones that belong to this life cycle who are killed, tortured, taken or hurt are in the Pookie Stage. Note: all Pookies don't care today of the stages of life now, they all want to stay Pookies and to live forever, like "immortal gods" (in reality they cannot ignore the fact they are miserable creatures doomed to die).

Notable Pookies

There are some notable Pookies on Club Penguin, that you may want to keep an eye out for. When listing a Pookie, please put their username, what CPPS/Remake they were on, and the date you saw them. You can also put a picture of them, where you saw them, and what server they most commonly go on. You can also put some notes about them as well, such as what type of Pookie they are. You can also put the usernames of any other accounts that they may own. All of these Pookies are enemies, but are not that significant enough to be on the PHD Most Wanted List. You can also put names of Mumus, Duh Duhs, Pookie Lovers, etc, as well. You can also add Chicks who are easily mistaken for pookies, just in case a pookie hater sees them and knows not to attack them.

List of Pookies on Club Penguin and CPPS


Note: Some may have many accounts, beware.

  • BubNugget (CPR, Blizzard, 1/20/18)
  • J E N N Y (CPR, Blizzard, 1/20/18)
  • Hairy Jenny (CPR, Blizzard, Sleet and other servers, August 2017) was harassing people and known to troll other users with her sex roleplay.
  • Superpuking (Oasis, ?/?/18) considered as a ''high threat'' to the PHD.
  • Speedguin1 (Club Penguin, a Domino Diva who was known to be very dangerous: annoying other penguins and even other pookies, reporting people nonstop, creating drama, backstabbing, etc. A rumored user on FANDOM claims to be the original Speedguin1 account but it is suspicious.
  • ShockMetal (CPR, Blizzard, 1/20/18)
    Fluffy 2-1

    The conversation with Pookie Fluffy and a mysterious user, both having grudge against Agent Omega X for unknown reasons.

  • Warrenpeace (CPR, Blizzard, 1/20/18), friend to ShockMetal.
  • rosie07 (CPR, 9/12/2017), her alias is Bella Rose on Oasis (?/9/18).
  • Bxlla (Oasis)
  • Emilylynn (Oasis)
    Pookie Fluffy

    Fluffy Pookie herself, a Pookie with a high degree of annoyance and cringe, doing tantrums in The Town and spamming "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" for no reasons at all.

  • Max (Dragonhunt, Charltonrocks, Drekihaukur), former robber and friend to Nickel500, was apparently killed by Starry Moonlight. He is a Neutral Pookie, often change between being a normal Penguin or Pookie..
  • Dokie Dokie (Oasis, 5/?/15), a Diva Pookie who love to call other people with insults and swears a lot. She is known to spam links of random sites, wikis and even sexual content.
  • Mok Mok (Club Penguin, Oasis, ?/?/15), is a Diva Pookie who spams and troll people at The Town. Often seen with her sister Dokie Dokie, together they are spamming random links of wikis non stop. She was often seen in the old Club Penguin with other Pookies spamming racism quotes.
  • Littlepookie (Oasis), she loves parties.
  • Eddie One (Oasis, around of September 2017)
  • Wittleangel (Oasis, March 2017), a Pookie who is a "self-proclamed angel", with powers and special abilities. She was able to be beaten and killed many times, her final appearance was in October 2017.
  • avery (Oasis, March 2016)
    Pookie Sam

    Same user as Jake, Uppy Wuppy, Emma and Adam, Sam is however different than the previous ones by mocking homosexuality.

  • Adam The Pookie (Oasis, Pookie Jake, Pookie Sam, Pookie Emma, Uppy Wuppy, 4/05/18), the Pookie who has the most alternative accounts and the first and only one to have a Uppy account, who "barks" constantly to annoy people. As Pookie Sam, they mock transgender people and saying slurs against the LGBT community. Was beated and killed many times, finally quitted being a Pookie.
  • Pookie Raven (Oasis), a Pookie who likes to wear dark clothes, very gloomy and act like an emo. She commit suicide for being bullied too much
  • Pookie Playz (Oasis), she loves doing science.
  • Dream Love Laugh (Oasis, October 2017), her real account is Starry Moonlight, who is a trouble maker. She made Mystic Moon, another Pookie Account to hide herself again.

    Whorealine herself. Note her bio card shows her attitude, hence the name "Triple W".

  • Lilxanny (Oasis, August 2017), spam racial slurs and often teamed up with Mok Mok and Dokie Dokie.
  • Pengypookie (Oasis, Real account: Penguintimm), is an EPF Agent but also a Pookie who got caught. He saw the truth and decided to kill Pookies instead.
  • Piperx (Oasis), got caught doing lies and killed by being burned up.
  • Munira (Oasis), a Pookie Neutral. Killed by torture. She is no longer a Pookie.
  • Eevie (Oasis), was common to meet her in September and October 2017, hanging out with yoshilover and Maouma, being friend to Starry Moonlight.
  • Whorealine (Oasis), Nicknamed "Triple W", she is a Diva Pookie who goes around giving out fashion tickets and calling penguins "ugly", brags about being "rich" despite everything on Oasis being free, and complains A LOT. She is known to swear with racist slurs, having sex as a children (she said it herself) and enjoy creating drama.
    Fluffy Super

    Fluffy Pookie and Superpuking making an alliance.

    Fluffy Super 2

    Part 2

  • Gay Pookie (Oasis), does a lot of related to homosexual roleplaying and confirmed to be a Fake Pookie.
    Dizzy Pookie 4

    Dizzy Pookie with her friend Fern.

  • Warzy Odono (CP, Blizzard/Avalance/Jackhammer, 2012) Warzy has been spotted in Club Penguin in 2012 and was easy to target and kill, even if he took another account because his style of roleplaying remains the same as always. In 2015, Warzy snapped all of sudden and begin to furiously yell to the haters who kicked his ass being annoying and cried, then commited suicide at The Dock by drowning, thus he never was spotted since then on CP. However, Warzy is back on Oasis (December 2016) and still active as ever.
  • Lilpaige08 (Oasis and CPR) is known to lie about having autism, having cancer and other mental illnesses or cancers in real life, which is something to NOT joke about. Her behavior is known to be erratic, racist, homophobic and holds a deep grudge against religious people for no reasons.
  • Kyle7202 (Oasis and Club Penguin) uses strong racist swears against other colored skin people in real life.
  • Blue Raspberry (Oasis) being a spoiled Pookie who love being sexually fingered and often being seen yelling "FWUCKK!" for no apparent reasons.
  • Dizzy Pookie/Lovelylittlelulu (Oasis and apparently on Free Penguin) is in reality a boy who is a trap/crossdresser in real life. He loves to prank on others and bait guys to have sex with him, then accuse them to have raped a Pookie and cause huge drama the later. Dizzy has an Instagram account.
  • Duh_itz_fern/Prince2002 (Club Penguin, Oasis and Free Penguin) known to be a pedophile like Cleo68014, being friend with Cleo and Starry, he decided to be a Pookie but also to stalk kids on Club Penguin.
  • Alyssandra (Oasis and apparently on CPR) creator of an infamous Pookie Website.

Types of Pookies

The A.M.P Scale can tell what pookie types there are. These types of Pookies ussally fall in-between the "Normal Pookie". You can learn more about certain types of Pookies on the A.M.P Scale page.

Naughty Pookies


The true face of every Pookies. No matter how ''cute'' they try to be, they hide this face. For example this pookie has just thrown a rock out the window and has hit a penguin.

Naughty Pookies are troublemakers, they love to get into trouble whenever they can.

Naughty pookies can do lots of things to get into trouble.

  • Driving the family car (since they can't drive, most end up injured or dead).
  • Sneaking food like cookies.
  • Doing bad pranks that ends up in the wrong way (they are being punished by their parents or other people like the cops or PHD/PPP Agents)
  • These Pookies will fight other Penguins as well, especially Pookie Protesters but end up failing.

MELD Pookies

Diva Pookies

Normal Pookies

  • These Pookies are the most common type of Pookie.
  • These Pookies are your average and normal everyday Pookie.
  • They contain all the normal traits of a Pookie.

Noob Pookies

  • Pookies that are new to being a Pookie.
  • May not have proper Pookie clothing.
  • May have better English as well, so they don't know how to speak Pookiese.
  • Are less likely to get chosen.
  • Are usually Discolored ones.
  • Those Pookies often give up trying to be Pookies quickly.
  • They may not have Memberships.

Discolored Pookies

  • Pookies who aren't yellow.
  • Act like Pookies but just don't wear the yellow color, which can be confusing.
  • Some Discolored Pookies think the color may not matter, but shouldn't be confused for Chicks.
  • Are less likely to be chosen.
  • Can give up like Noob Pookies.
  • Are often seen with the color pink.
  • It's rare to see them.

Costume Pookies

  • Pookies who wear costumes during the Halloween Party.
  • Pookies ussaly wear the Fairy Costume, Vampire Costume, and more Halloween related Costumes
  • They aren't as well guarded due to some of them wandering alone at night, making them easier to eliminate and easy to make them lost in the dark night...
  • These Pookies may also role play/cosplay as a Fairy, a knight, and more outside of Halloween, like being a flower or a bee.
  • The costumes can be an obstacle to Pookies: if it's a big pumpkin, Pookies might have a hard time to run. Or being a Bee: they think they can fly but don't move an inch, thus being end up killed.
  • These Pookies may have real paying jobs such as a EPF Agent, cashier, and more.
  • Halloween was a perfect moment to kill them since it was related to death.
  • These Pookies usually role play.

Disguised Pookies

  • PHD Agents or Pookie Haters disguised as Pookies.
  • Ussaly act like MELDs or Divas
  • They ussaly annoy Mumus and Duh Duhs to the point that they will never adopt a Pookie again.
  • Please tell other PHD Agents before you become a disguised Pookie.
  • These Pookie Haters are more likely to become a Pookie or turn into a Pookie Lover, if they develop feelings to Pookies by spending time with them. We advise that you don't think of these ideas ever.

Domino Pookie

  • Imagine a Diva and a MELD combined together, but it's even worst: you have the result.
  • These are the worst type of Pookies, to other Pookies and Pookie Lovers.
  • They are worser than MELDs and Divas combined, which is a good thing for us haters.
  • Like MELDs and any kind of Divas, they are the true face of Pookies: being annoying, acting like a ''spoiled brat'' and mocking real life children.
  • This "evolution" of Divas is rare on Club Penguin or any CPPS games since 2015

Picky Pookies

  • These Pookies are picky about who their family is.
  • They will usually leave the family if they are not given what they want.
  • They will ussaly not choose Mumus that don't have nice clothing or membership. The same applies to Igloos, siblings, and Uppies.
  • It is usually very easy to make these Pookies mad and leave an igloo, if you annoy them enough.
  • It's also an attitude that all Divas used to be.

Rare Pookies

  • These Pookies wear rare clothing and try to act "cuter" than other Pookies.
  • They are most likely to be chosen and ussaly just choose the Rare Mumus.
  • They will rudely ignore non-rare Mumus and non-membership Mumus.
  • These Pookies can be sexist against Duh Duhs.
  • These Pookies usually win Pookie Contests.
  • Eradicated in 2014.

Agent Pookies

  • These Pookies are apart of the EPF and can put up more of a fight.
  • They can most likely be Pookie Protectors.
  • These Pookies can be harder to kill due to them being more protected by other EPF Agents.
  • They usually wear Pookie Clothes and EPF Agent clothes together.
  • They can be found at the EPF HQ and the Everyday Phoning Facility.
  • But they are weak like all other Pookies: easy to kill.
  • They went gone in 2015.

Lost Pookies/Homeless Pookies

  • These Pookies have either lost their family or are just homeless.
  • Some may choose not to be in the Petshop, just to get attention.
  • They hang around the Forest and the Plaza, and may end up becoming a Forest Person. These Pookies can be raised by the Forest People, resulting in the Pookie learning how to protect itself.
  • They are ussaly sad and use the Crying Emote a lot for more attention. They also don't have better clothing due to them being Homeless.
  • These Pookies don't get adopted that much due to them not being noticed.
  • They may get lost if their family purposely or accidentally (or on purpose) loses them in the Forest on a picnic.
  • If they are being lost in the Forest, they might end up being eat by Bears or Wolf Packs.
  • These Pookies are easier to kidnap and eliminate due to them not being watched over by anyone.
  • You can also find homeless Uppies as well, only good to being eated up by predators.

Spoiled Pookies

  • Spoiled Pookies are similar to Rare Pookies, but Spoiled Pookies are willing to hurt others just to get what they want.
  • Unlike Divas, they don't bully Pookies.
  • Spoiled Pookies usually throw tantrums and yell a lot.
  • They can also be picky on who their Mumu is and will leave the family if they don't get what they want.
  • They may seem innocent at first, but when adopted they want everything.
  • These Pookies are given lots of things to keep them happy, and will push aside other Pookies to get what they want.
  • They are very disobideniant.

Sick/Injured Pookies

  • These Pookies mock real life injuries and illnesses to get attention and unfortunately get adopted
  • Other Pookies may stay away from sick Pookies, due to them possibly getting the illness
  • These Pookies are easier to eliminate due to them being already injured and sick.
  • A normal Pookie might become a injured or sick Pookie if they are hurt enough.
  • A sick and injured Pookie might turn back into a normal Pookie if they are given treatment.
  • These types of Pookies were common during Operation Blackout, in which the EPF Fire was a popular place to find them and the Dock due to there being a mini hostipal. This is probably due to the freezing tempatures and the Fire. It was also the perfect time to let them suffer and the later die from their injuries.
  • These Pookies try to make you feel sorry for them and may tell you a depressing backstory, but don't fall for it.
  • These Pookies also use the crying emote a lot, even spamming it or saying *cwiez* too much.
  • These Pookies are sometimes red, green, or even blue to show that they are hurt or sick.
  • These Pookies can be the result of abusment from Pookie Haters, PHD Agents, or even their own family.
  • You can also find injured Uppies as well.
  • Pookie haters hate this pookies because they are an insult to real sick people.

Slave Pookies

  • These Pookies aren't that common.
  • These Pookies usally work for Pookie Haters or PHD Agents, even rich families.
  • They shouldn't be confused with Costume Pookies, as Costume Pookies are free and may work for real paying jobs while Slave Pookies don't.
  • They often get beated and sometimes raped by their masters.

Inapropriate Pookies

  • Known as the worst type of Pookie on CP to Pookie Haters and Agents.
  • Some Pookies, Pookie Lovers, and PPP Agents sometimes despise these Pookies themselves due to them being very inappropriate, on a game aims toward children.
  • In Club Penguin, those Pookies were eradicated back in 2014-2015, due to Businesmoose's statement on a forum chat, which make many players killing the Tummies.
  • On Club Penguin Rewritten, Tummies were back in the Black Out Event, with Tummies invading the Hospital, Pet Shop, Coffee Shop and sometimes being seen in Town or Plaza. But due to people remembering them, a lot of Tummies were killed or reported.

Villain Pookies

  • These Pookies "steal" and "rob" for a living, or even "worse". They can't really steal since they don't know how to do it properly.
  • They are the complete opposite of Agent Pookies.
  • Every Penguin hates them to due them commiting "crimes".
  • They are usually delt with the authorities or the EPF itself.
  • You can find these Pookies in the EPF HQ, the Mall, the Pizza Parlor, and the Coffee Shop, committing crimes, although all they do is getting hit and they steal nothing.
  • They can fight back due to them carrying weapons, which are only water guns and very ineffective.
  • They claimed to do terrible things to the citizens of Club Penguin, while nothing happens.
  • Some work for the Robber Penguin Agency, Agent Nickel500's Crew, and other groups. They may also work for well known CP Villains, such as Herbert, or they work alone. They ussally have a small group or a partner.
  • It is best not to take them to the EPF but to instead kill them yourselves. The EPF will just let them sit in a cell, and will eventually be freed by other Pookies or Pookie Lovers.
  • They are usually homeless Pookies who got no love.
  • They may also rob Pookies, Pookie Lovers, and PPP Agents themselves.
  • When they grow up, they will continue to be outlaws. Some might quit being a bad pookie or even quitting being a Pookie forever.
  • The Super Hero Agency will deal with these Pookies as well, but some Super Heros are Pookie Lovers themselves (such as Partstripes and Omegasonic2000) so it is unsure if they will deal with them.
  • Considered as a sub-categorie of Divas.
  • They are possibly the most "dangerous" of all the types of Pookies, even if they are easy to beat.

Riot Pookies

  • These Pookies aren't that common and quite rare.
  • These Pookies may be at the Town, Plaza, or the Petshop.
  • They usually shout out Pookie Propaganda and the destruction of Puffles. They receive a lot of hate from saying those subjects and are being beaten.
  • They may also advertise for the PPP, saying stuff like "Protect the Pookies!". They got hate back at them.
  • They may try to get your attention by using sound makers, like the annoying horn, whistle, and more.
  • These Pookies may fight other protesters for space or if the protester is against Pookies. In fact, they are the copying the Haters who protest.
  • They will fight anti-Pookie protesters as well but ends up losing very quickly.
  • In 2013, Rioting Pookies were losing in numbers, due to some being tired of protesting and losing, they always end up getting killed.
  • Around of 2015, Rioting Pookies were wiped out.

Foreign Pookies

  • These pookies are played by Users who are from a non-speaking English country.
  • Since they don't know that much English, they may get bullied on English Speaking servers.
  • These pookies mainly play on the non-speaking English Club Penguin servers.
  • Since these Pookies don't play on the main English servers, they may speak using different words, slang, and more. They may also act differently as well.
  • Foreign Pookies are exctinct due to the users from other countries doesn't know how to be a Pookie properly.
  • Spanish, Portugese and French Pookies were the most known Foreign Pookies.

Family Pookies

  • These are pookies who have a family of their own.
  • These Pookies ussally come in groups and ussally just have siblings (1-3).
  • Once adopted, the Pookie family grows as they now have a mother or father now. The Pookies can go away if the parents are abusive and evil, which is good.
  • These Pookies are a tiny bit harder to kill as they will be under the protection of their father/mother but this isn't a big deal since you can easily kill the parents.
  • These Pookies are ussally found in their parent's igloo.
  • The pookies, just like any other Pookie, will grow up and will most likely continue staying with their family.
  • Some Pookie families can be very big or very small. The bigger family, the better carnage fun.
  • Some Pookie families may take trips outside, where they are exposed and vulnerable. A lot of families doing fun trips got killed on the Beach and the Fair.

Dead Pookies

  • These are Pookies who have been killed, but have came back from the dead to either seek revenge on the killer or because the Pookies soul is restless.
  • The Pookie may take on the form of a mummy, ghost, zombie, or anything similar to that.
  • Some Pookies may just become white or red, to show that they are dead but still alive.
  • These Pookies may have powers, such as floating and flying, but in reality they are just penguins.
  • These Pookies may be more aggressive as well, wanting revenge on those who killed them.
  • Unlike real Zombies, Undead Pookies cannot make someone else a zombie by bitting. They are different from the real Zombies but can still infect the victim with illness, which can be easily curable.
  • If the Pookie is a vampire, use garlic or sunlight to kill it easily. There's no need to waste your weapons on them. Just do the old classic: a good beating, bare-flippers.
  • These Pookies never get adopted since they look ugly to parents and to everyone.
  • Zombie Pookies have a resistance lower than the normal Pookies due to their flesh being eaten by maggots.
  • Vampire Pookies aren't that supernatural: their speed, strength, toughness and stamina remains the same, they aren't like real Vampires and they cannot make someone else a vampire either.
  • Ghost Pookies can feel pain: due to not being like real Ghost, Ghost Pookies feel pain if you use Anti-Ghost weaponry or spells about sealing powers. Real Ghosts can hurt Ghost Pookies.

Poor Pookies/Non-Membership Pookies

  • These are Pookies who have no coins so they can't buy anything nice. They can also be Pookies who don't have a membership as well.
  • These Pookies are often ignored by parents since they have nothing nice.

Young Pookies/Teen Pookies/Old Pookies

  • These are Pookies who are played by children in real life, teenagers, or by adults in real life.
  • These Pookies may not have that good of grammer or extremely good grammar.
  • These Pookies may get sadden easier since they are children after all.
  • These Pookies may give more information about themselves to other since they haven't learned cyber safety yet.
  • Some old Pookies may be child predators.
  • Some may even call in Bully Hunters. No joke.
  • Teen Pookies may want to get a Pookie boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Teen Pookies ussaly use slang.

Super Pookies

(Not to be confused with Superpuking)

  • These are pookies that pretend have "powers" or a "special ability".
  • They think to have superpowers or use magic, all they do is playing with their imaginations.
  • These are probably the most retarded type of pookies: with their powers, they think they can control people and everything but they just suffer from 8th grade syndrom.
  • They may use their powers for either good or evil purposes.
  • They don't have powers. At all.

Not-a-Pookie Pookie

  • These are Penguins who are often confused for as Pookies.
  • They are often the victims of many Pookie hater attacks.
  • They are ussally Penguins who just wear the color yellow, so they get confused with Pookies.
  • Some Pookie Haters may force them to change their penguin color.
  • Some not-a-Pookies often don't even know about Pookies.
  • Some not-a-Pookies often just change between being a Pookie and a normal yellow penguin.

In over all, they are all the same: stupid, annoying and evil, no matter what kind. Cancer at it's purest form.


  • A super girly pookie on Oasis. It is likely that she is a spoiled pookie.
  • A pookie on Oasis. Possibly a semi-tomboy pookie.

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