Robber Penguin Agency
RPA Logo
Resistance is Futile
Founded May 2, 2014
Closed March 29, 2015 - June 1, 2015

May 2, 2016 - January 22, 2017

Status Inactive
Leader Agent Thanos
Headquarters Robber Penguin Agency HQ
Alias(es) RPA, or RPF (by mistake)

 Robber Penguin Agency (RPA) is an agency lead by Agent Thanos, formerly by Agent Unknown; the agency robs Club Penguin island and try to become one of the richest penguins of the island. 

On March 29, 2015; Agent Unknown the director of the agency left Club Penguin Island due to ageing and abandoned the Robber Penguin Agency entirely. Later on June 1, 2015, Agent Unknown reopened the agency and on June 6th, 2015, PHD agent Agent Titanium was elected second director of the RPA. Agent Unknown later became the director with Titanium making it the first Club Penguin agency to have two leaders, however Titanium left in October 2015 leaving Unknown to be the only leader again. The agency was closed again on May 2, 2016 due to the events of Operation C.O.O.L 2, but was re-opened over 7 months later on January 22, 2017 but went into inactivity again after Unknown’s death in Operation: Waddle On. It wasn’t until September 17, 2018, when Agent Thanos would come and take over the RPA as the new director.


On March 22, 2014; the EPF Command Room was under attack by one of the greatest robbers on the island: Agent Unknown, he was robbing since November 30 2013 and has been accepted into many robbery training classes, he got some friends to steal the files from the Command Room and to steal some cash from the Pizza Parlour/Coffee Shop. After he attacked the command room and stole the files, he thought about the Club Penguin Police Department, if they caught him, he'd be in jail for a long time, so he spent an entire month building a HQ for the agency and named it, 'Robber Penguin Agency' however the CPPD found the HQ and attacked it causing panic to Agent Unknown, he defeated them but the HQ was destroyed so he decided to use his own igloo as the HQ and the CPPD could never find it up in the mountains. On May 2 2014, he created a wiki for it and thus, the Robber Penguin Agency was born.


On March 29, 2015; Agent Unknown announced that he was leaving Club Penguin Island and starting a new life. Due to ageing and Club Penguin Island going downhill. He was forced to close the Robber Penguin Agency and all of his robbing work needed. Later the RPA reopened with Agent Titanium as the new director.