The World Pookie War is a war that will start on May 17, however due to Agent Club and Agent Omega talking about it in a Private Conversation, they decided to cancel the war.

The Sides

Pookie Hater Defense (PHD)

One of the sides in this fatal war, we try to exterminate the pookies by all possible means, even skilling them, the PHD works hard to stop the PPP and to take the pet shop back and save the puffles. The PPP thinks that we are the "bad side" (which is not true), but they have strong reasons to believe so.

Pookie Protection Program (PPP)

The other side in this fatal war, they try to make pookies survive and protect them, and even try to shut down this wiki. Ther leader is Agent Omega X and some of the PPs try to infiltrate our wiki too. The PHD will not let them take that risk.


  • Both sides think that they're the "good side" however, the PPP thinks that the PHD is the "bad side" for skilling pookies, but we just don't want pookies in Club Penguin. However, both sides try to achieve peace in Club Penguin.