This is usually what a Non-Member Uppie looks like.

Uppies are retarded and stupid Pookies that thinks to act like real life "dogs" in Club Penguin. They are mocking the image of dogs. The concept of Uppies is ABSURD, as the island of Club Penguin is located somewhere in the Artic, meaning dogs are not a native species.

They are usually nice to Pookies, but some aren't (the ones that work for us). These Uppies are called Hater Dogs, these dogs are aggressive and mean to Pookies, willing to rip the Pookies into shreds within seconds! They usually bite and claw Pookies hard enough and even headbutting them. They try to hurt them and usually cause enormous pain to the Pookies rather than killing.

Uppies are easily spotted in The Pet Shop, since Pookies lives here but also due to the place of being for animals (while they aren't at all) but many can be seen being in The Forest (because some are Wild Uppies) or the Lighthouse, some hides in the boxes. Plaza and Town are also a spot for Uppies but it is not a good spot for them since it's too crowded, Uppies got stomped on in those places.

Uppie Cancer 2

This is how an Member Uppie looks like. They are just a stupid Pookie pretending to be a "Dog". Ridiculous...

However, since the Uppies existed they took more place of Wolves and Penguin Dogs. Penguin Dogs or just called "Dogs" are the real image on Dogs on Club Penguin. They are even more aggressive than Hater Dogs due to their high jealousy toward the Uppies and will aim to kill the Pookies and Uppies rather to make them suffer for long times. Wolves are often seen eating alive Pookies or Uppies in The Forest, they are usually together in gang, known as "Wolves Packs" but one Wolf can kill a dozens of Pookies in less than 20 seconds.

Being an Uppie is a good tactic to infiltrate a igloo full of Pookies and their families: to earn their trust you must be a bit patient and "play cheerfully" with them for some days. Then you can do "accidents": for example, if someone from the fam fam throw a stick to a place, just go trying to run toward the stick but you can go ram into the Pookies by accident. Then you grab the stick and ram again into the Pookies. You can say quotes like "runs so excited rams into Pookies!" or "dashes into Pookies". Just bashing into Pookies can cause severe damages to their bodies (some Pookies might even say "haz bwuizes!") and they will start to cry and accuse you for hurting them, just says "didn't really mean it", following up "does sad face, whines sadly" to make yourself the one being accused, it actually can work and the parents will go warn their Pookies to not accuse you again without good reasons. But from doing this action, the Pookies will be a bit more on their guards.

What Uppies Do:

What Uppies do is they usually be the owners pet, they can also be the Pookie's pet too. Some Pookies beg like idiots to their parents for an Uppie, but some Uppies are wild and will usually hurt Pookies when they try to pet them, there was many deaths caused by Wild Uppies. Uppies likes treats such as steaks, bones, dog food, and more, their owner will also make them a bed for them to sleep in. They like what real dogs likes but some even eats what Pookies eats, very inaccurate since there was Uppies eating chocolate, very lethal to real life dogs, it is dangerous to Uppies but many don't care so they escape death.

Hospital Uppies

Those Uppies that are doctors and work for the hospital on the original Club Penguin or other CPPS like, or in a hospital igloo or a family igloo to cheer up patients. It is not common to see that kind of Uppie due to being very weird and inaccurate: many were seen to "act like Penguin Doctors does", examining the patients and wearing clothes of a nurse. Very stupid.

There are also "seeing-eye Uppies", which can help Pookies that are blind and take them to places they need to be, yet their sight is not even that good at all. But they all fail to mimic those in real life: they end up doing mistakes and cause some Pookies getting killed. And when an Uppie helps a blind Pookie, they cannot move roughly to not misguide the blind Pookie so you can easily kill both.

Uppie Cancer 3

This is how a Hospital Uppie might look like. Quite silly on the look but useful to pretend to be a one...

Hospital Uppies can be also the Uppies of doctors, who are penguins who help Ill Pookies. It is a good way to kill Pookies in hospitals: pretend to be an hospital Uppie, go to a Ill Pookie to cheer him up and wait for the the Pookie's family to go away (or you can kill the family and the Pookie, for more fun). With a surgeon's tools, you can operate the Pookie....alive and slowly. You can also be in team, asking a friend of yours to wear a doctor or a nurse's outfit and go to Ill Pookies.

Sometimes they can be used for therapy with Pookies having "PTSD", pretending to have it. It's also easy to sneak up into therapy sessions with many Pookies in the room and making a huge carnage.

When You Confront An Uppie:

If you are about to kill the Uppie, here is some tips:

  • An Uppie will act like a dog: their senses are more alerted and on their guards so the smallest mistake and the Uppie can attack you quickly. Although they act like dogs, Uppies aren't even close to their real life counterparts: they lack the smell of real dogs and cannot smell dangerous odors of poisons, which can be an advantage to kill them with gas bombs. They cannot hear everything too, just as you can easily sneak into a corner without them hearing you. Their sight usually suck due to their masks, even better you can blind them with weapons.
  • When they bark, they can alert the Pookies and their families and that is no good. Close this mutt's mouth with duct tape and ropes, this will do the job. Without their mouth, they cannot bite or bark. Just some muffled pathetic sounds of yelping.
  • An Uppie will usually try to attack you by biting, primary weapon they always use (others being headbutting or using their claws which is quite rare to see). Although we all know a bite is deadly to a regular human, an Uppie is just a Pookie who thinks they are a dog and are gonna try so hard to "bite" their oppoenents, although Penguins do not have teeth. It is not even that painful and you can easily break their beak, snapping it with force. Or use duct tape and ropes that can close their mouth.
  • Even thinking they can "run very fast like dogs", their speed are actually the same as every Penguins in the game, which makes them next to real dogs: slower than snails. Very pathetic. If an Uppie charges into you from far away, all you have to do is to step aside and they will miss their attack, then you can hit the Uppie's side of the body. Or you can simply charge like them, into a collision but it will result the Uppie flying from the impact, heavily bruised.
  • Use REAL Dogs and Wolves on Club Penguin! Or simply transform/disguise yourself as one with the wolf outfits or the potions. Dogs and Wolves are the real deal and can bite stronger that what Uppies can, even tearing with ease the Pookies' and Uppies' flesh, ripping limbs without efforts. It is more easy to train dogs than wolves (since wolves are more aggressive in behavior).
  • Give them chocolate and candies, anything with high percentage of sugar. If they forget chocolate is toxic to them when they eat chocolate, remind them at the last second, they will start to panic and die slowly. Since many Uppies do not want to die, shove them deep in their throats and watch them cough (an Uppie cannot regurgitate like a real dog and they will consume the food they eat).

What Uppies Wear:

  • Some Uppies wear the African Painted Dog (but this outfit is more used on real CP Dogs than Uppies), while Non-Member Uppies usually wear the color brown but some uses yellow to act like a Uppie. Non-Member Uppies might use a cap sometimes.
  • Some also dress like a Pookie, but wear the dog mask.
  • It is also uncommon for Non-Member Uppies to get picked due to their silly look. Non-Member Uppies have been often seen being beat to death, tortured.
    Uppie Cancer

    A "rare" Uppie. They often dresses with a robe, like this one. And they do not look like "dogs"...

  • They are seen often using Pink, Purple Boas. The Wild Uppies are seen with a Red Boa.
  • Many Uppies use the normal Tiara to look like a newborn. Others might use the Bee Antennas or a cute head item.
  • Many "older" Uppies wear wigs such as The Glamourous.
  • Uppies might use the Guardian Dog Feet, since it looks more similar to real dogs' feet.
  • Uppies might use cute pins like a teddy bear or some cute stuff, to look childish (cringy) while real dogs don't really try to be "cute". Others might use no pins at all.
  • Uppies might take plushies like the Turtle or the Teddy Bear.


  • Uppies are more popular than Kitties since they are more active and playfully. This caused the extinction of the Kitties in 2014.
  • Sometimes Uppies are wolves, who are mean to everyone (including Pookies), they also raise a family of "pups". They are mocking the wolves. Although it is rare to see one Uppie Wolf, as the real Wolves come to kill the pretender. 
  • Their apperance depends if they are a newborn Uppie or not, mostly a newborn.
  • Uppies are the same species of Pookies: just a mask and pretending to be a retarded dog.
  • They are the MOST popular Pookie Pets in Club Penguin, way lesser popular than Puffles.
  • A clear fact has changed the mind of people: If Uppies are wearing clothes like Pookies and Pookies are the representations of real life children, this make the Uppies being "Children acting like animals" but many saw it as more of a sort of a kinky BDSM roleplay, known in some movies when the victim being forced to act like a dog (even wearing a mask of a random animal, dog masks being the most used because it suits for the infamous word slur "B*tch") and getting tortured. This made many people changed their minds and the Uppies were losing popularity since then.
    • It was in mid 2015, when Uppies were not all extinct but extremely rare to spot in Pet Shop, Forest, Lighthouse or Town and Plaza. Even on the most crowded server on Club Penguin, Blizzard, not much Uppies were seen.
      • However, Uppies got brought back to life in some CPPS games such as Club Penguin Rewritten, Penguin Oasis and Free Penguin. In the Operation Black Out, a lot of uppies came to aid the Pookies. Many agents of the EPF manage to kill some.